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  1. Haku2 added a post in a topic Site is SLOW!   

    I've been having a hard time accessing this site today as well. Whenever I try to access the site, either the site is down or the page takes a really long time to load.
  2. Haku2 added a post in a topic Full HTTPS support   

    It would be nice if we could let users choose between HTTP and HTTPS rather than forcing them to use one or the other.
  3. Haku2 added a post in a topic Answer a PM via E-Mail   

    If someone else is able to access a user's emails, replying to a PM should be the least of that user's worries as anyone else with access to that user's email account can just reset the user's board password and then reply to the PM via the board.
  4. Haku2 added a post in a topic Notifications for comments on members' content   

    Would I have to uncheck the box every time if I never wanted to follow content though or is the setting saved in the database?
  5. Haku2 added a topic in IP.Downloads   

    Email File Option
    It would be great if there was an option to give users the ability to get files emailed to them if the file is under or equal to a specified size. If this feature were to be implemented, however, a flood control setting would probably be essential.
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  6. Haku2 added a topic in IP.Downloads   

    Save File To My Media Option
    It would be nice if there was option for users to save files into their own storage space so that they may still download the file if the original file in IP.Downloads is deleted.
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  7. Haku2 added a post in a topic Notifications for comments on members' content   

    Is there going to be a setting in the user control panel that disables this behavior? It would seem pretty annoying to have to unfollow content all the time.
  8. Haku2 added a post in a topic Attachment Archiving   

    This is a very good idea. It would be great if this was implemented. :)
  9. Haku2 added a post in a topic Hosted service   

    YouTube clips don't use up your server's/package's disk space although pictures might depending on whether they are uploaded to your board or just included in the post using the image BBCode. However, there are ways of hosting avatars, attachments, etc. on a different server if disk space is going to be an issue for you. I'll let someone else talk about this though as I haven't done it myself. You should keep in mind though that IPS is working on a solution for the next major release of IP.Board and you can view the details of it here: :)
  10. Haku2 added a post in a topic FTP and/or file system integration suggestion   

    Thank you for the reply. I've been considering using the FTP storage method instead, but wasn't sure if this would work. Looking at the bug tracker though, it seems that there are two critical bugs regarding remote FTP. Once they are fixed, I'll use the FTP storage method instead and try it out. :)

    Kind Regards,
  11. Haku2 added a post in a topic FTP and/or file system integration suggestion   

    If I am using the FTP storage method, would either, or both, of these methods take the locally stored file(s) and upload it/them via FTP to the remote FTP storage server?
  12. Haku2 added a post in a topic Is there an IP Classifieds ?   

    Yes, but it is a paid modification that is available from the IPS Marketplace:
  13. Haku2 added a post in a topic Spam   

    I recommend that you use the following mods until an acceptable solution is implemented in IP.Board:
  14. Haku2 added a post in a topic Multiple download server locations   

    Multiple download locations would be really useful, especially if the server load for each server could be displayed, options to restrict download locations based on server load and/or member group were available, options to allow downloads from certain servers only if one or more of the other servers has become unavailable or gone offline were available, and if a server re-synchronization feature was available.
  15. Haku2 added a post in a topic Restore the ability to change skin via URL   

    Yes, it would also be good for those who don't have JavaScript enabled.