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  1. Deathstarr added a post in a topic Theme updates (code changes)   

    I dont make anything but this is the reason I am not upgrading no themes that are great for the software. Kinda makes me want to run.
  2. Deathstarr added a post in a topic Payment under Review?   

    If anyone is online that could speed up the process that would be great though. I would love to upgrade the forum tonight and get it up to date.
  3. Deathstarr added a post in a topic Payment under Review?   

    Thank you for the link.

    I guess I will be one that has to wait a day. Current time for me is 4:11 central time and your business hours are 9-5 est.
  4. Deathstarr added a topic in Pre-Sales Questions   

    Payment under Review?
    Hey Guys,

    Just purchased a forum built on IPB so I needed a license purchased one this morning with paypal and waiting to update the forum. I am wondering how long does it take to update the payment has been made?

    I paid about 10:30 my time, its not going on 2:30, Just hoping to get some work done on the forum.
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