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  1. Hey butt munch, about time ya started yapping lol

  2. Definitely a value add for me development wise if IPB offered REST/JSON support
  3. Calendar - Profile View

    bump :)
  4. Group Enhancements Requests

    um, even with all the other official apps (which I do have) you don't have this kind of group functionality... ie there is no group page, let alone the app hooks for that page. You can create (or at least fudge) group calendars, forums and blogs, but there is no group centric way to view this. There is no group messaging unless you enter the members of the group individually. Group RSS you get with the group forum.... but what I would like is the ability to create all that in one place when you create the group. Invision is not really member centric, although it is moving that way. An extension of that is to be group centric. :P ;)
  5. Group Enhancements Requests

    I would like to request the ability to create and manage group profile pages and some enhance group abilities group profile pages would have: An optional group gallery, group blog, group calendar and group forum etc Options to have various hooks within the group page sidebar groups selectable for PM purposesgroup rss feed Admin should be able to appoint a group moderator
  6. Calendar - Profile View

    I would like to have my forum more user profile and group centric so that: Member entered events show up in their profile Members access and event management is entered via their profile settings Selected calendars can be used within the profile sidebar including the global calendar, their events within the global calendar and events from other admin created calendar. Members should be able to have an RSS feed of their events. Admin should be able to enable or disable calendar in profile Admin should be able to choose if admin submitted events show on calendars by member group or not
  7. hey Thanks for moving the topic, and thanks for your replies! Interesting that some aspects are built, but yes i would prefer it built into the core product (no offense ryswarth!). I'd still like to know if this is in the roadmap? @ryswarth sure I'd be happy to forward on any suggestions! I'll try it out on my test board and give you some feedback :) Thanks again!
  8. Sorry if this is posted in the wrong place. Perhaps a kind admin could move it to the correct place? 1. Is there an intention to expand the groups capability in the roadmap for the development of IPB? Assuming permissions are determined using a logical OR process, is there anything preventing the ability of having more than two groups? 2. I would like to be able to have many groups in addition to the primary group. Suggested features: One primary group Multiple Secondary groups users can select which single group image and title they display in their post info Their member page has a "groups" tab, much like friends, that displays their public groups, unless you are the member or admin where you see all groups, or you are a member of the same hidden group Group communications short cuts 3. Member created groupsMember can create and admin determined number of groups, based on admin defined group permissions where the user can vary a predefined subset of permissions Group Creator Group Member admin On group creation, a group board can optionally be created with the "group creator" becoming the default "group moderator" User invite form for group moderator to invite members to the group group moderator can appoint other group moderators group moderators moderate the group board and the group members and group communications (for example group PMs) moderation capability is limited to boards the member has group moderator status admin from UCP 4. New default / available member rolesGroup Creator Group Moderator I know some smaller aspects of these suggestions can already be implemented under the current system. Is there an existing plug in capable of this? That said i would far rather see that kind of flexibility for groups built into the product
  9. IP.Content 2.1 Dev Update: More Control

    Excellent news on the multi domain support!
  10. MP3 Attachment Suggestion

    Hey Can I suggest that mp3 file attachments should not only provide a download link optionally an mp3 player able to stream the mp3 attachment using mp3player.swf? Just now the mp3 file attachment is a paramenter based url and as such wont work with the FlashVars 'value="mp3=' format as the other parameters of value just create a nonsense url. Additionally as there is no mp3 file extension the media tag doesn't work. As far as i can tell this would require an attachment interpreter to be called to decode the attachement into an mp3 temp file and an update to the appropriate attachment template to display the player if the audio mime_type is set for the attachment data. Ideally the ability to select download, player or download and player should be offered. Anyone else see this as useful? Cheers John