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  1. 4.0 looks awesome

    I'm sure I'll run into snags and bugs, maybe even a crash or 2, but 4.0 looks fabulous. I just installed today and really like what I see.
  2. I am considering re-signing up to the Nexus app but until I understand how I can use it it's a little useless. Suppose I go through all the setting and create packages etc. Where does the client see it I just don't get where there is a storefront. Can you direct me to some reading material so I can visualize how the end user gets involved?
  3. 4.0 - Advertisements

    I would like to see the ad system have an IP Content block option: To be able to select the ad and make it into a widget which could be integrated into pages and articles.
  4. 4.0 - Advertisements

    For weighting could you place, for example, 3 that are same adsense code and 1 other and use random to get approximately 75-25 ratio?
  5. IPB vs Facebook

    The Forum experience isn't much different to the end user than bulletin boards of 15 years ago. Forum software stood still and catered to admin-geekspeak while social networks created something fresh for end users.
  6. IPS 4.0: Editor - Part 1: Content

    I am totally confused by all this. I do know my community is constantly complaining about editing signatures, and I have to show them how to untoggle HTML and activate bbcode button. Why do we have HTML as the default when it's not something we promote using? We don't allow HTML for the most part. It would be nice to get some clarity on what is happening, what we can do to make it easy for everyone, and why it has to be so complicated.
  7. Polling improvements please

    We have to keep this alive.
  8. I am looking at possibly creating a separate board that is for a different language. Basically a replica of the one I have but it would be french. There are couple of things I need to iron out in my head before doing so and wonder if you can provide some guidance. Related topic I understand that we can have both boards set up to allow for registration on one board to work on the other (the converge concept). Is that correct? Do they need to register on both boards or does registering on one give them access to login on the other? If so, can members have different groups/permissions on each? Example, can one be a mod on one but a regular member on the other? Would we need to grant specific mod/admin authorities from the new board? In a related question, if I have, for example, 5 different member groups on each could someone automatically have the same access when they login on the other? Are there any other best practices that you can share relating to multi-language setups? Is there someone we can do from one board alone? Something more than just adding a language pack? Thanks
  9. Thanks for all the work you've done with upgrade system. My recent upgrade went super smooth. In years gone by I've always hit snags. Whatever you've done for improvements it sure has worked. Thanks.
  10. Mobile Skin status updates

    Ok thanks for the update Rikki.
  11. Is there a way for you to code the mobile skin so users can use the entire status update feature? To read comments, post comments, post new etc?
  12. IP.Board 3.4 Coming Soon

  13. Polling improvements please

    Yes, there is a lot of untapped expansion. The ability to correlate answers would be a huge improvement. Most importantly for me though is guest polling. Polls are more accurate with #s. And when used for research the results shouldn't be viewable to those who haven't taken the poll. Both of those poll options would mean a lot. When setting up a poll, 1) Allow Guest Polling yes/no. 2) Hide results until answered yes/no (or by date, or when admin/poll creator allows display). If guest polling allowed, the IP address with a flood control should (and no option to view by member) should be the working code.