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  1. 4.0 looks awesome

    I'm sure I'll run into snags and bugs, maybe even a crash or 2, but 4.0 looks fabulous. I just installed today and really like what I see.
  2. I am considering re-signing up to the Nexus app but until I understand how I can use it it's a little useless. Suppose I go through all the setting and create packages etc. Where does the client see it I just don't get where there is a storefront. Can you direct me to some reading material so I can visualize how the end user gets involved?
  3. 4.0 - Advertisements

    I would like to see the ad system have an IP Content block option: To be able to select the ad and make it into a widget which could be integrated into pages and articles.
  4. 4.0 - Advertisements

    For weighting could you place, for example, 3 that are same adsense code and 1 other and use random to get approximately 75-25 ratio?
  5. Placing pages in root folder?

    OK thanks!!
  6. Placing pages in root folder?

    Sorry, I'm trying to understand the process to make that happen. 1) Could I have forums in the /forum directory and and move an existing IP Content folder to the root directory? What do I need to do to make that happen? 2) How would I access IP Content admin? Does that mean I would have two admin panels, one in IP Content root and one in forums? 3) And to clarify, if I have IP Content in root and all other apps in /forums then all of the pages I create won't have an additional extension, like /page? 4) If I create a number of content pages in IP Content when it is in the /forum directory then move IP Content to the root then all of those page url's won't have /page (or I can alter the urls to delete /page from the IP Content ACP)?
  7. Placing pages in root folder?

    Yes all of the IP apps and board are in /forums. So if Content is the default app will everything have a /forums/whateveritis.htm extension or can it be without the /forums. How do I make it the default app, by making it the index page?
  8. Placing pages in root folder?

    So to clarify, everything I now have that has /page/ as an extension would no longer have that once I convert to index.php as the root?
  9. Placing pages in root folder?

    The IP Content settings give me the choice of something with a /pages/ extension. If /pages/ disappears from the url extension once the forum index page is made root it's news to me.
  10. One downfall with the IP Content 'pages' format is, at least for some of us, we have very high ranking search engine pages that appear in as root URL's. To switch to IP Content versions the URL must change. This is a huge issue. Considering we can create a primary index page is it possible to add the feature of declaring a URL for all other pages? Surely this can be done. Most CMS's do this so can IP look to do the same in version 4.0?
  11. Compress Image Uploads to less than 2mb

    OK thanks. How do sites like Facebook do it?
  12. The biggest reason most members don't use our gallery is because most of their uploads fail, due to raw file size from their camera/device. This isn't user friendly. Is there a way to change things up so that files get compressed to under 2mb when uploading?
  13. IPB vs Facebook

    The Forum experience isn't much different to the end user than bulletin boards of 15 years ago. Forum software stood still and catered to admin-geekspeak while social networks created something fresh for end users.
  14. IPS 4.0: Editor - Part 1: Content

    I am totally confused by all this. I do know my community is constantly complaining about editing signatures, and I have to show them how to untoggle HTML and activate bbcode button. Why do we have HTML as the default when it's not something we promote using? We don't allow HTML for the most part. It would be nice to get some clarity on what is happening, what we can do to make it easy for everyone, and why it has to be so complicated.