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  1. Sports Pick 'Ems Application

    [quote name='phuddle' timestamp='1343473774'] Great idea. Paid 25 bucks. Installed fine. Added pool.. fine Try to add teams, get.... Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /public_html/boards/admin/applications_addon/other/pickems/modules_public/pickems/pickems.php on line 1377 Figured out that you must have an image link inputted for this to work. This should not be the case as many teams are very strict with their logo and will send cease and desist letters . Seems to work fine now that I have created a generic image to use for the teams. It would be nice to not have to include an image as phuddle mentioned. I don't have images for all my teams and adding a generic image for each team would be tedious
  2. IP Content question

    My homepage will be completely external to the IP.board. I want to just include a small peice of code where I want the topics to display. That possible, just to make sure where talking about the same thing before I buy.
  3. IP Content question

    Thanks guys a little over my head I think. I just want to have a couple topics/threads a week promoted to my basic index.html homepage. This is possible?
  4. IP Content question

    Not sure I understand exactly how IP.Content works Would I just insert code on my homepage and then whatever topics I wish to promote would they be sent to my homepage where the code is placed? Could this be done with IP.Content?
  5. IP Content question

    I understand with ip content you can choose which threads you want to promote to the homepage of your site. Can you set it up so that all threads in one forum our automatically promoted while in rest of forums they need to be manually promoted?
  6. I was wondering if in the next update that the code could be tweaked so that those of us who want to underline all our links could turn link underlining on and not have all the blank spaces underlined. You can see what I mean in the pic attached.
  7. Huge decrease in stats after switch to 3.2

    After getting my analytics code correctly added to my forums, I would say my traffic is about the same as it was before the upgrade. Hard to say exactly because I have a seasonal site, but I would say pretty close.
  8. Huge decrease in stats after switch to 3.2

    I am a bonehead. Just just realized that I forgot to replace my Google Analytic code back into the global template file after I upgraded. I will see tomorrow if my stats are as good. I will let everyone know how they are. You can delete this thread if you like.
  9. After upgrading from 2.3.6 to 3.2 my page views are down 6 fold and bounce rate up from 15% to about 65%. Is this normal? I am considering downgrading back to 2.3.6. I can not cover my server costs with numbers like that.
  10. Found a bug in IPB 3.2

    As of an hour ago, it did not work on this board. Does not seemed to be fixed on this board.
  11. Found a bug in IPB 3.2

    I can not login to my account here with my Ipad2. I click on the sign in link and nothing happens. It does not go to the login screen.
  12. IPB 3.2 Demo

    Could someone post a link to the 3.2 demo?
  13. Beta 2

    I see we are running beta 2 now. How many betas are there ussually before final?
  14. Preview topic

    Can this feature be turned off in 3.2? Seems to me this feature would decrease your page views.