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  1. Adding images to the question answer challenge is a worth while option. It has stopped my spam registrations 100%. Since the forums require registration, that too has been minimized. Free alternative worth exploring.
  2. I have stopped spam in its place. I can't remember the last time I saw a spam ban come back from the spam service. It's nothing insane but it has provided me months of "real" new customers, 0 bots, and 0 spam. It's a wonderful bliss. I would be willing to package it up as a hook if anyone is interested in it? I haven't done it because I don't know what I should charge. Have a look if you like, URL at the bottom in signature. I feel everyone's pain about spam. There is nothing like waking up to 40 new members 38 of them spam and 2 posts, one about viagra and the other hot Russian women in my area.
  3. [HQ] Google CSE -pro-

      +1  --  Also it doesn't appear to hold to the popup size defined in the settings, it seems hard coded as one size.
  4. IP.Downloads - new feature request - torrent files

    Michael - That was so dry and subtle that I left the thread and had to come back. I felt like that suddenly realized meme. Well done sir.
  5. down?

    I have a related DNS issue but it's with not receiving email notifications because there's no RDNS (either it does not exist or is incorrect). Spamdyke drops the emails for failing RDNS, I could of course whitelist Invision's domain but since this is such a basic requirement for email this may be affecting others. Addressing the problem locally is better than requesting everyone in the world whitelist *, I thought I'd try to catch a snippet of the failure when someone replies to this thread so someone can give this to one of the network people. Sorry for the derail In addition looking at this from two different points. # traceroute (from comcast business) <snip> 10 ( 181.249 ms 49.628 ms 54.192 ms 11 ( 58.596 ms 56.627 ms 55.816 ms 12 ( 55.563 ms 58.545 ms 61.947 ms 13 ( 58.997 ms 56.764 ms 55.800 ms * </snip> # traceroute (from singlehop) <snip> 9 ( 1.598 ms 1.591 ms 1.576 ms 10 ( 205.685 ms 205.693 ms 205.907 ms 11 ( 9.753 ms 9.729 ms 9.716 ms 12 ( 7.192 ms 7.204 ms 7.192 ms * </snip>
  6. Make notification emails beautiful

    Can anyone share what files the email templates are in and where are they? Thanks.
  7. What's new in IP.Board 3.1.2? SQL Error Logging

    The reporting tool is nice, thanks. I would be a voice of a different opinion when it comes to the admin notification. I would not like it added. There are plenty of NIX savvy ways to log and notify.