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  1. [HQ] Secondary Group Icons

    Will this work with the latest version of IPS? If not, do you know of a mod available that will accomplish this task (show a group icon via a secondary group setting)?  Really need it. Thanks, --E.  
  2. Can't download IPB anymore...

    I can't download IPB anymore as the download button is cut off, was going to report but saw it was already reported: Fix?
  3. "Gift Subscriptions" with IP.Nexus?

    Seems like an easy thing to add. Please add this if you can. Thanks!
  4. I would love to be able to individually "protect" a post/thread/attachment so that the post/thread/attachment will not be deleted even when a member (or admin) removes all of a member's posts/threads/attachments. Reasoning: There are special and valuable threads that members post that you don't want altered ever, and to be able to lock in (protect) the content contained in those special threads would be very handy indeed. That way if a member or admin deletes that member's posts (for any reason... mass prunning, banning, etc.), at least the very special threads/posts/attachments won't be lost. If there is a way to do this already available, please excuse and direct me to the info, if possible. Thanks!
  5. Just to make sure we are all on the same page: Please note as stated in my original post, I'm referring to a forum where you set the settings as shown below, so that a given group can see the topic titles, but not the content of those topics. So what I'm saying is: Members who are allowed to see both the topic titles and the topic content, still see the "Protected forum" sign.
  6. At least in IPB 3.3.4, that is incorrect. Here is a screenshot of what a member with access sees when looking at one of my protected subforums: In the latest version of IPB has this been updated? If so, please excuse.
  7. Hi Raz, I don't know if understand your question, but... The access is not the issue, it's the wording that appears next to a forum title that a member sees even when he/she has access. When a member who has access sees "Protected forum", he/she may assume that access is not granted and move on, when in fact they can access the forum. For those who have access, it should read, "Protected forum, you have access." If you are new to IPB, then this special permission might be confusing.
  8. Hi, Suggestion: When a forum is set up so that open members can see the topic titles, but not the topic content, it is appropriate that they see the "Protected Forum" in place of the last post info. However, on that same type of forum, those who DO have access, should see that sign (so they are reassured it is protected), BUT, they should also be told they have access. I have members who don't click on the protected forum even when they have access to it... they hesitate to click on something that says protected. So my suggestion is that for those who have access, the sign be changed to: Protected Forum. You Have Access. Or something similar. Possible? Thanks! --Eddie.
  9. Creating Free Subscription Package

    Hi, I'm trying to keep things simple in Nexus, and simple for my members who purchase packages. Question: To offer a free package for longtime members (cost: $0.0), do I just put in 0.0 in the purchase price field, and 0.0 in the renewal price field? And if so, will my customer still have to go through the Paypal process (I'm using Paypal to take in money)... I hope not? I'd rather the free "purchase" be as simple as possible. Thanks for any feedback. --Eddie.
  10. IP.Nexus Feature Petition

    I recently submitted a ticket for this issue as it was becoming quite frustrating. We get a lot of package renewals on our site, and this comes up at least every 1 in 3 renewals. After a user pays, in a week they get demoted to the base member user group with fewer privileges, then they contact us quite upset about not getting what they paid for. I understand the complications that are involved with implementing this fix that Mark outlined earlier, but could a setting be used? Which may not work for everyone depending upon how their packages are set up, but at least it would be there for those of us who would like it to work this way? At the very least it should be a setting to not demote a user when a package expires if they already have an active copy of that package. Or, you could also take the route to only allow renewals of an existing package and not new purchases but direct the customer appropriately if they try to purchase it new, which would also solve the issue in certain cases. I really hope a solution can be implemented (using secondary groups doesn't work for us). This really takes away from the automated renewal process we liked so much about Nexus, as we now have to manually change a user's group quite frequently post-renewal. Thanks.
  11. Waiting for a ticket reply?

    I'm not sure how to inquire about a ticket that hasn't received a reply in almost 48 hours, so I'll try here. Could I get someone to look at Ticket #: 735757 please? I understand it's a more complicated issue to do with Nexus, but I feel where it has been sitting in general support without a reply for almost 2 days that there hasn't been a tech familiar enough with the issue to look into it. If that's the case, a bump to T2 by now may have been appropriate, or some kind of response at least would be appreciated :) Thanks.
  12. Watched Items / VNC List Serious Bug

    I too run a very large forum. This feature is absolutely essential. I'm posting to advance the notion that this needs to be fixed quickly. --E.