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  1. More user agents need to be added by default.

    Thanks Michael, most helpful.I've been visited by recently, maybe it's worth adding to your own list?
  2. Is it possible to include an option to remove the existing entries of the .ics file feed each time the feed import is updated? In my particular scenario, the ics file is a fixture list for a football club and when the games are moved, the original date the game was scheduled for remains in the IP Calendar db, the new date is also imported. This means that I have two entries for the one event on two seperate dates (sometimes on the same date if the .ics files had a minor change) At the moment, I manually remove the feed and re-import it if I find a problem in the hook.
  3. [BUG]Date problem

    I'm using IP.Content and have created a custom database. I am using DATE to record date of births but some are before 1/1/1970 and as a result the dates are appearing as Jan 01 1970 00:00. However, when I go to edit the records, the correct dates are displayed. Is there anyway to get around this? bfarber has said elsewhere that it is working as intended which leaves me little options. In a future edition can the 'Date' entry on the manage fields be renamed to 'Date and time' so that a true date can be introduced that doesn't limit what dates can be entered. Also, how can I fix the calendar for inserting dates, it currently treats 11/3/2011 as 3 November 2011 and not 11 March 2011 as it would be in a British format.
  4. Record titles

    Please allow for two fields to become titles together. I have first name and last name as fields but currently I am only able to choose one or the other. I'd like to set the title as "firstname lastname"
  5. IP.Board 3.1 Dev Update: Auto parsing of URLs strengthened

    Can support be added for Spotify URIs ? For example spotify:track:3PbsDnKdrZY0ttX7VE9s5R becomes an active link spotify:track:3PbsDnKdrZY0ttX7VE9s5R
  6. IP Content - but it's a steep learning curve. I'm really struggling getting to grips with it.

  7. Files that have not changed in 3.02?

    It's not excluding a small number of files now though is it? The upgrade documentation says to upload the 'upload' folder. That's over 2,400 files. There were 'only' 509 changed files.. nearly 2,000 are being re-uploaded for no reason if you follow the upgrade documentation. As of 3.03 can Invision please re-introduce making upgrade downloads with only changed files available?
  8. Files that have not changed in 3.02?

    Why don't Invision release changed files in a separate download to the full IP Board download ?
  9. Using IP.Blog instead of the portal?

    Do what Adriano Faria has recommended above. After The problem is it won't display any blog that doesn't belong to that blog number...
  10. Collaborative blog

    Is it possible to assign more than person to create a blog? There is a group of people who would like to work together on the same blog and not have several seperate blogs.