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  1. bearback added a post in a topic I'm no longer a client?   

    still a bit cheeky to have it displayed on the forum, even though admins are the only ones who see it
    in my opinion it needs to be kept in the ACP
    just another thing to code out 
  2. bearback added a post in a topic I'm no longer a client?   

    a notice appears at the top of your forum if you have not paid !!!!!  that's really out of order
    the software was already paid for, on going fees are for support and updates.
    I presume this is on v4 ?  
  3. bearback added a post in a topic upgrade finish tool   

    would be useful to have some tools available, re-cache and post rebuild to start with.
    could save support a lot of time dealing with tickets, if people could try and fix issues then self's 
    might be an idea to put v4 back to beta and fix all the bugs and issues,
    you only have to look through these forums and see what a disaster it is with all the issues its causing.
  4. bearback added a post in a topic remove gap between lines of text   

    the point is here, you should not have "to get used to it"
    just another issue that's going to get skipped over and yet another code edit or a plugin to sort
  5. bearback added a post in a topic remove gap between lines of text   

    that's great
    thank you
  6. bearback added a topic in Product Feedback   

    remove gap between lines of text
    permanently remove the gap between lines of text when starting a new line
    my members don't wont to keep having to do SHIFT+ENTER all the time or keep explaining the issue
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  7. bearback added a topic in Product Feedback   

    rebuild post content - (video dimensions)
    I have many youtube videos on my forum, after the upgrade the embedded video dimensions changed and are now to large/oversize.
    changing the maximum video width only changes future/new posted videos,
    an option to rebuild or auto change all videos on the forum to the new maximum video width setting would be helpful
    on ipb 3 I used to change the setting and re-cache and all the videos changed to the new size, so what's changed
    now I am stuck with oversize video !!
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  8. bearback added a post in a topic Upgrade from IP. 3.4.x to IPS4.0 (updated)   

    just doing a test upgrade from 3.4.8 to, upgrade went ok without any issues
    now everything is being rebuilt, its so very slow though
    I have used the manual option in the admin, is there a faster way to get everything converted/rebuilt
    are there  ssh commands I can run as its usually faster that way, if so were do I find the information ?
    thank you
  9. bearback added a comment on a blog entry IP.Board 3.3.x, 3.4.x Security Update   

    whys this not in main news forum, I nearly missed this patch ?
    no point in posting in blog where its not seen
  10. bearback added a topic in Product Feedback   

    Bugs in updates/new installs

    when a new update or new version is available, they always have some sort of bug that needs fixing.
    I fully understand that not every issue can be caught when beta testing before releasing to the public.

    What I don't understand is why the bugs are not fixed straight away in the current release,
    for example I have just downloaded and upgraded my forum and still the registration issue is present ?
    I am used to the process of upgrading my forum and then checking what issues are present, searching the ips forum for a fix.
    but it gets a little frustrating at times and gets a bit old now days.

    Take it from another point of view, when a new customer comes here and downloads the latest version and bugs/issues with the software have not been
    fixed in the current version. its not a good start for them.
    The software should be bug and issue free and you should not have to spend time sourcing fixes all the time.

    all though still the best community forum software, that's why I have used it for so long.

    Thank you

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  11. bearback added a topic in Product Feedback   

    Remove or reset Warning Points and restrictions By Moderators
    currently there isn't any easy way for moderators to remove warning points / restrictions and history in the front end of the forum.
    when giving a warning moderators can set the option to automatically remove the points / restrictions after a certain period of time.
    The warning history is still left and not cleared though.
    The process to remove points and restrictions takes many steps to achieve and then there still is a period of 1 hour minimum for the warning to reset.
    It's completely plausible for a member to appeal a ban to an moderator, and after reviewing the restriction made on the member the moderator may want to reverse/revoke the warning.
    its an option/function that is needed by moderators and admins available on the forum public side and with just a one click option to achieve a reset.

    searching IPB forums it appears this has been requested quite a few times, not only for points and restrictions to be reversed but also the warning history to be cleared also if needed.

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  12. bearback added a post in a topic Birthdays cache - why limit to 6 todays entries?   

    thank you
  13. bearback added a post in a topic Birthdays cache - why limit to 6 todays entries?   

    is this now fixed in 3.4.5 as I am not seeing the view more link in 3.4.5 beta, still limited to just six
  14. bearback added a topic in Product Feedback   

    category with subforums
    just upgraded from 3.1.4 to 3.4.4

    one major thing I have notice is from forum index you can no longer see the latest posted topic in each of the subforums.
    you now have to click on the category to list the subforums to show if there's a new topic posted

    cannot say I like that part of the layout
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  15. bearback added a post in a topic Help me understand this licence renewal stuff   

    forget your resellers or shared hosting, 3.4 just does not work that well on shared hosting.

    I recently upgraded one of my forums from 3.1.4 to 3.4.3,
    3.1.4 worked ok on shared hosting but as soon as I upgraded to the latest ipb version, the forum was very slow to load.
    I move the forum to a dedicated server and now it loads very fast with no issues

    the minuim I would go for would be a vps or dedicated