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  1. SCE_Ghost added a comment on a file Hex   

    Great skin! Easy to change the colors which gives the individual user the ability to pick there very own. Nicely done Con
  2. SCE_Ghost added a comment on a file Aqua   

    Does not work with Unreal Portal, I understand its a 3rd party program but most other skins work fine, Your skin looks great but the css coding is way bunched up, suggest adding a bit of spacing to it.

    1020px max width (I cant remember for sure) I kicked it to 90% and makes the board much nicer.

    Great job just work a bit on the code.
  3. SCE_Ghost added a comment on a file [HQ] Custom Pages   

    Great mod but would like to get rid of the custom page tab in the header..
  4. SCE_Ghost added a post in a topic [Suggestion] Birth dates selectable on/off   

    Thanks for the move. Hope this gets address ;)
  5. SCE_Ghost added a topic in Product Feedback   

    [Suggestion] Birth dates selectable on/off
    I haven't read anywhere yet but maybe its been addressed. I would think that it would be easy enough to add in the ACP the ability to make birth dates mandatory or not when a new user signs up.
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