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  1. European Union cookie law. Yes another topic!

    I researched this article because from june 2015 in Italy a site will receive a € 120,000 fine if is not comply with EU Cookie Law  Be honestly, I can not understand how one can speak for 5 pages if IPS should or should not or not to add this feature to its products as it is based in the USA rather than in EU. If I was a business company and if some of my clients require for their market some extra change to one of my products I would do it and I would sell them.Of course they will pay extra for this modification. Since I live producing and selling software this is for me a great business opportunity.My only question would be if I will produce an already changed version of my software or sell them just a plugin, but it certainly would sell them what they ask for.But as I said if I was a business company I will just care to earn money instead of talking whether or not my market is in USA rather than in EU.
  2. What do you do in your spare time?

    I do not know what it means "to have spare time", because my wife and I the first week of each month are volunteer doctors at the hospital to treat children with autism or other cognitive deficits. The other three weeks of the month are therefore very full with the so-called normal patients and in the evening I am always dead tired.
  3. profile privacy in IPB 4

    Funny, two years ago I was asking the same: >
  4. profile privacy in IPB 4

    Great suggestion! :thumbsup:
  5. profile privacy in IPB 4

    ....or maybe he meant to say that all our personal information (friends, what we like and do not like, gender; location; contact informatios as email, Skype, telephone number, etc..) will be visible ONLY to members who are added as friends and not to others.
  6. I Would Like to See Better Profiles

    For example, by making the profile (with a small photos gallery) visible only to friends and not just to everybody as it is now :)
  7. Transfer an expired licence

    I did not know this, but of course it makes sense :)
  8. Information about Invision Power Services

    Invision is a company in business for over 10 years and currently leads the software community. Over the years they has always respected its agreements with customers. Their service has always worked very well, I always had "next day" support. Between Invision Power Board, vBullettin and Xenforo I would have not doubt to choose Invision Power Board. Obviously there is not a guarantee for the future and they may well a day do a product that will not respond to what the market need. After all, also Google, Apple, Microsoft did some mistakes. For now, I can always say that IPS has always been very careful in launching a new version of IPB and every release has always been "bug free". :)
  9. Information about Invision Power Services

    ...why not also shoes size? :tongue: Sorry, I couldn't resist! Did you see here?
  10. Different Charity please

    I'm sorry to hear that. I'll give both of you my best wishes :)
  11. Some Gallery 5 Feedback

    No offense at all :D Yes, it is an old site made in 2005/2006 from a german professional using THIS free CMS. At that time was sure something terrific, but we can still have some idea form it, for example would be nice if the next galley could:...have the possibility to choice between a light (as now) or a dark background (many professional prefer to have a dark background). Of course we can do this by skin, but if just "out of the box" of gallery 6 it will much better; ...have different photo album for the same member, each of them show a single photo in the member index, A user can, for example, have a photo album for "Vacation in Namibia 2011", another for "Vacation at Oslo 2012" and so on, ...have the possibility to sell space to members (as Flickr does)
  12. Some Gallery 5 Feedback

    This could be an example how to manage a GALLERY and this the EXIF DATA :)
  13. It is not a real bug. but I do not see the point, if I read a PM and then I click on "view new content" that instead of displaying the new post I visualize the new members. :)