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  1. Partially, was also gone for vacation the 11th through 18th-ish.

  2. It's been a while since I've seen you active here, been very busy?

  3. hehe. I think it gets the job done.

  4. My display name has to make me feel special somehow.

  5. :D The spade looks cool, just picking on you a bit.

  6. I need to start double checking my posts before I actually submit

  7. I thought only females could be spayed. :P

  8. What an interesting age.

  9. iPod Touch Earphone Wires

    Blue spots have suddenly started appearing among the wires, and I just recieved the iPod brand new yesterday.. Has this happened to anybody else?
  10. Feature Suggestion- I think that if a user has not entered anything in his/her instant messaging labels, that the No Information Tab could be disabled for each empty one, and of course if a user is viewing their own profile, everyone of them could still appear just incase they wanted to add any user name in.
  11. Still waiting to see you upgraded on here too. :)

  12. Read last statement again! :P

  13. Come on msn already!

  14. Nice Zinger towards TurXaliM in his server topic. :P

  15. IP.Tracker Now Available

    Now if only if it was for all IP.Board License Holders.