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  1. 3DKiwi added a post in a topic 3.4 Features missing in 4.0   

    You could manually create a page with html and link to it from your forum. I do this for a reviews index page. I then have a "Reviews" link on all of my forum pages.
  2. 3DKiwi added a post in a topic 3.4 Features missing in 4.0   

    I think the help files are now pretty much redundant. Common questions with Version 3 was how to add an attachment. It's much more obvious in version 4. I've not had one comment about BB code and I no longer use it myself. About the only question I've had (now that some of the problems I had with upgrading have been resolved) is how not to get a space when pressing return.
    I think if admins feel the need for help files that they should create their own with Pages as suggested.
  3. 3DKiwi added a post in a topic Losing my patience with 4.0 Upgrade   

    I fully expected a few people would take exception to my post so no surprise.
    If I was running a commercial forum where I made money rather than a hobbyist forum (even though it's a reasonable size and I make money from it from Google adsense and banner ads) no way would I have upgraded to version 4 yet, and when I did I would have tested things on my server with a copy of my forum. There would then be no surprises at when it came to upgrading my live forum.
  4. 3DKiwi added a post in a topic Losing my patience with 4.0 Upgrade   

    And of course since you're a commercially run forum you set up a test forum and did a test upgrade? If not then I think you were terribly naive to dive in upgrading.
    Harsh words over. I'm glad IPS have been able to resolve things for you.
  5. 3DKiwi added a post in a topic support don't provide support... and this is a pay product!   

    Well if you you're going to have your forums hosted by a free host then you're going to run into some issues that those of us who pay for hosting don't encounter.
    Personally I think you're one of the extremely high maintenance people / customers that expect the world but aren't prepared to pay for it. I suggest you either pay for proper hosting or change your forum software if you're not happy with Invision. I think a few people would breathe a sigh of relief if you moved on to something else.
  6. 3DKiwi added a post in a topic Control Over Attachments In 4.0   

    Totally agree. I have standardized my forums on zip attachments. There's now nothing stopping rar files being uploaded that some members can't extract without having to install software.
    And while you're at it IPS please bring back the mime type images for attachments. Text links are very boring. Have both like before.
  7. 3DKiwi added a post in a topic 3.4 Features missing in 4.0   

    We used to have nice little mime type images for attachments e.g. .zip and .mov files. Now all we get is a boring text link.
    For example I had the following image for zip downloads. Now look at what's replaced it. I also had a nice little icon for the .c4d files (common file type for my forum)

  8. 3DKiwi added a post in a topic Search default to app - at least make it an admin setting   

    Totally agree. Searching in version 4 has taken a huge step backwards.
  9. 3DKiwi added a post in a topic [This site] Seach performance is awfully bad   

    Plus in my opinion the default result order should be by date not relevancy.
  10. 3DKiwi added a gallery image in Screenshots for bug reports.   

    I'm a customer. I shouldn't be getting this.
  11. 3DKiwi added a post in a topic Bought software refused!   

    In my opinion if your support contract has expired the only thing you are entitled to is the security updates. It's up to you to download whatever forum version was available when your support contract was active. So you may well have had access to say version 4.0.0. but since you haven't renewed your support contract you have no entitlement to updates or to download again what was available when your contract was active.
    If you think about this and the way I read your post is you think just because version 4.0.0 was available or 3.4.7 was available when you had an active contract this then entitles you to every version 3 or 4 update. If that was the case then many people might say "We'll I'll just won't renew my contract as I don't need any support and I keep on getting free updates until version 4.1 comes out". If that's your expectation then I think you're being a bit optimistic and don't get how software companies stay in business.
    Bite the bullet and pay the 60 bucks. Problem resolved.
  12. 3DKiwi added a post in a topic Anyone wants to share their forums?   

    C4D Cafe running version 4. The portal front page is done with IP Pages. Really easy to do.
  13. 3DKiwi added a comment Downloads - Featured download thumbnail doesn't show   

    My problem with this has now been resolved by IPS.
  14. 3DKiwi added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    Downloads - Featured download thumbnail doesn't show
    As per the attached image. The download itself has a thumbnail but when you feature it and when shows up on the downloads front page the thumbnail is blank / white.

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