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  1. Thank You Jason

    Ditto that here.
  2. Unannounced new feature?

    IP.Board is being purchased by Facebook and will become totally integrated into it. :drool:
  3. Suggestion! in the features

    Facebook is simple (more or less) for use by ALL of the populace and thankfully, IPS has made this board simpler. It's not Facebook, also thankfully, but now I won't be on a daily tutoring thing with new users about how to use all the bells and whistles. Some of us administer boards that are not geek themed. We actually have grandmas posting. :ohmy:
  4. Topic-posting usability

    Yes, Mat. That's true for veterans but for newbies? Searching is alien, not to us but them. How about at least considering an interface (skin?) that makes things simple? You see, we live with people who don't mingle with technical types that frequent this board. :)
  5. Topic-posting usability

    Looking for a simpler process for my new members also. They're Facebook oriented and can't upload pictures either. Too many steps. Yes, I've suggested this elsewhere. :)
  6. Facebook Type Skin

    Something of the "look" is there but I'd like to see Facebook type "look and feel" behind the index page, including the same control names.
  7. Facebook Type Skin

    Sorry if this has been suggested before but ... I have a lot of members and "would be" members who come from the Facebook world. As much as IPS has improved the usability of IP.Board, most of these Facebook members won't post due to the complexity of posting and uploading image attachments on IP.Board. For those of us who have used message boards for years, it's a piece of cake. For these people, it's daunting. Has anybody at IPS considered making a basic skin that performs the functions of Facebook without all of the added bells and whistles that newbies have to wade through and try to understand? In other words, look at Facebook and drop everything else in the IP.Board skin and maybe call it something like "IP.Basic Skin"? Maybe even use the same terms as Facebook, such as "Comment" instead of "Reply". And maybe upload images directly into the text box or right below it without the extra clicks and confusion that newbies experience. I don't know if this is posted in the right forum so feel free to move it. Newbie here, you know. :)
  8. DMCA and Copyright Agent Page

    Apparently this group of lawyers hasn't got that message. They acquire copyright to the material and then sue the offender without asking that it be taken down. That's their business model. MRighthaven lawsuits
  9. My wishes for 2011

    Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/forumsi/public_html/hooks/ipseoPingTopics_42fd5d185ed34d14befd7684c43a282e.php:3) in /home/forumsi/public_html/admin/sources/classes/output/formats/html/htmlOutput.php on line 130 Getting several of the above messages on this board. A fair number of my members (Facebook types) get confused about the image attachments upload process. They upload and think that their image will be properly displayed when they post. Instead, it's left orphaned after they 'Choose File' and then 'Post New Topic'. Any way to eliminate the middle step of 'Attach This File' and instead put the attachment code into the text box after the 'Choose File'? I'm at 3.0.5 and maybe this has changed in 3.1.4.
  10. IPS Product Line Release Schedule

    Charles, if people tend to get a "tad upset" with IPS when you miss their schedule, they don't know much about the world of Information Systems, Data Processing, Information Technology, or whatever handle you want to use. Software development is not like making widgets in a factory where you can accurately predict how many widgets you make in a month. Software development is an intellectual exercise with unpredictable issues and progress measured in fits and starts. Having been in this business for many years, I would welcome a schedule delay knowing that your product is "Ready" when finally released. Thanks for the schedule. :thumbsup:
  11. 312_sept_patch

    From the email - " If you are running IP.Board versions less than 3.1.2 simply upgrade your software version." I added the large bold. :lol:
  12. Skin Generator Service

    More than "way cool". :thumbsup:
  13. Hats off to IPS

  14. Hats off to IPS

    I know that I grumble once in awhile, but it's time to give credit where it's due. IPS has great products and great support personnel. This latest board (3.0.5) is just incredible and the ACP has been redesigned for ease of use, even with a bunch of new features. The IPS support staff (I know I'll leave somebody out) - Josh, Jason, Michael, Mark, Matt, bfarber(Brandon?), Charles, Debbie, and others are the best you can get. A sincere thanks! :thumbsup: