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  1. Crop Thumbnails?

    You've posted in the wrong forum which is probably why you haven't received an answer. You're supposed to ask for support here. I'm not sure if this is what you're trying to achieve but you can try the following. Log in to your AdminCP and go to Components -> IP.Gallery -> Settings About half way down the page you will find Image Settings: Thumbnails. You can set your thumbnail size here. Now go to IP.Gallery -> Tools The first tool on the right under Image Related Tools is Rebuild Images. Clicking it will rebuild all your images including thumbnails.
  2. IP.Board 3: Friendly URLs at last!

    Now I'm really excited. Thanks Matt :)
  3. IP.Board 3: Friendly URLs at last!

    What happens with the current url's if we switch this function on?Will hotlinks still work or will the browser be greeted with a 404?