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  1. Saw your site through an IP.Content help thread and I find it disappointing that someone as helpful as you in the IP community chooses to run a hyper-partisan site which can only serve to further polarize the political situation in the US.

  2. Saw your post about Disqus integration; when it is available how much do you think it will be?

  3. 4.0 - Messenger

    Wish it displayed new messages from the inbox view without refreshing. I saw Mark's comment about it not being a "chat", but realistically we're in the era of Facebook, not email, and their message system supports instantaneous updates.   I think that in some respects the IP team needs to think forward about what younger and modern Internet users have come to expect out of the social sites they visit, including ones powered by the IPS suite.
  4. Well, I'm looking forward to the improvements. I had a lot of issues with light/dark backgrounds because the smallText or whatever that class was had different backgrounds depending on the page. Niiiiiightmare.
  5. Preinstalled pages and databases

    They have to stop adding features at some point and take feedback into account for later patches though. All he commented on was that the 4.0 is feature locked, not that he wasn't listening to what you were saying.
  6. Preinstalled pages and databases

    Wait so new Content version isn't even finished yet? I want to see 4.0 before 2015...
  7. When is IPB 4.0 ?

    Hope the code is cleaner. Ctrl + U does not look pretty on IPB 3.x
  8. Price discrepancy

    When I was in the Client Area I noticed that chat is listed as the following: You do not currently have an IP.Chat plan No IP.Chat 20 Users $10/yr 50 Users $15/yr 250 Users $40/yr However your website lists those as the 6 month price. Just thought I'd let you know. Hoping the cheaper price is really the correct one.
  9. Tagged Data Feeds

    Still waiting for help on this... The block doesn't always pull as many records as I have listed. For example:   The news is currently set to 10 articles. I only wanted 8, but it was pulling two less articles than the setting so I raised the setting by two. Now it is displaying 9, even though we have more than enough articles tagged with one of the set tags.
  10. See private messages

    Administrators could just manually open up phpMyAdmin or a similar MySQL data manager and view it themselves as well to my knowledge... It'd be a pretty gross violation of trust between you and your users unless you had a serious reason to do so. My opinion at least.
  11. Hey Marcher, can I get your help in the Tagged Data plugin thread? :)

  12. When is IPB 4.0 ?

    So excited :p Looked cool from that sliver we saw in the theme editing screenshots.
  13. Ip Content vs Wordpress

    Benefits of IP.C Strong community integration Front-end article submission interface for members Drawbacks of IP.C Less plugin support than WP Less theme support than WP One image natively supported per article Articles may only be in 1 category Overall less powerful and flexible for bloggers I had a similar dilemma about whether to go IPC or WP and ultimately chose Content. Although it does a great job bridging site and forum, I don't think it is a great fit for sites focusing mainly on blogs or news. I'd recommend WordPress honestly.
  14. Article in Multiple Categories

    WHY IS THIS NOT A FEATURE?! I literally just discovered this... and I'm a little shocked. I had set up all the categories for my article system so that I could add the platform, genre, and news type just to discover I have to only choose one. Guess I'll have to use a hybrid tag-category schema :(
  15. I think if you're REALLY concerned you should probably not use a forum software that is years and years and years out of date. So I'd suggest that you upgrade or switch software very quickly.