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  1. PSN starting to come alive!

  2. IP.Nexus 1.2 Dev Update: cPanel Integration

    Very cool. :)
  3. Is the "Watch file" feature gone from IP.Downloads?

    1. Alex


      It now uses the standard like/favourite framework which is now common in IP.Board.

    2. AnthonyKinson


      so the "Most Watched" files are actually the "Most Liked" files? do people still get notifications when they are updated and stuff?

  4. Liked the old IP.Downloads better. :)

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    2. Glumbo


      How can you like the old frontpage better? With the new design, downloads on your website should increase

    3. Andrej
    4. ørret


      I just don't need the fancy frontpage + I am not going to use images in my download section, so it's pretty useless. I'd rather have a front page displaying latest files in a table, as pure text.

  5. Looking for a light, non-bulky skin with good support from author for a gaming forum.

  6. Anyone know of a chat program similar to IP.Chat but runs standalone?

    1. AndyF


      The only one I can think of is FlashChat, although I have not tried using it for a few years...

    2. Volstate


      Here's a nice one..it's a one time fee of $55 http://www.prochatrooms.com/features.php

    3. AndyF


      Oh, and Campfire, that's quite nice too.

  7. Looking for a simple database app with frontend and backend to use for entering information about dog breeds. Any one know if it exists?

    1. Alex K.

      Alex K.

      IP.Content can do that.

  8. CORSAIR TX 650W Power Supply

    I have HX850, very nice PSU.
  9. Any Mac OSX inspired skin around?

    1. krstep



  10. Is there a phpbb2 > IPB converter available?

    1. Fishfish0001


      You could cntact conversions@invisionpower.com and ask :) But I think there is only one for phpBB 3.

    2. Collin S.

      Collin S.

      You could also upgrade phpbb2->phpbb3->IPB3

  11. I now have 4 IPB forums linked via Converge!

    1. Glumbo


      Good job!

    2. DarkGizmo


      they fixed the converge issue with 3.1.x then?

    3. emm1


      What issue? :P

  12. Regarding Converge and 2 IPB forums connected to it, what happens when other site sends out mass-email? Do members on both site receive them?

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    2. emm1


      Ah ok. One more question then. :)

      When a user registers on site 1, the account stats for that site bump up by 1, will the user account stats bump up by 1 as well on site 2?

    3. Kyanar


      Not until they log in on site 2.

    4. emm1


      Ok, thanks.

  13. Possible to hide "Members" from the Navigation?

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    2. emm1


      It's not possible like with other modules that way.

    3. Kyanar


      Members is always app ID 3, so it's relatively easy. Just go to "Edit Application Details" on another random app, then change the ID in the URL to 3. From there, just set "Hide Tab" to Yes. There's a couple of complete primary nav management apps too, but they aren't free.

    4. emm1


      Thanks, but Members had ID 2. :)

  14. Howto remove the RSS feeds from IP.Content?

    1. EBrown


      Delete the databases for them. Or categories. Whatever they are. If that doesn't do it, make a new database with no RSS feed and it will clear them.