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  1. MolteniMike added a comment on a file Subscriptions Manager   

    Have ftp’d from Downloaded from this webpage     to      my Server:
     Subscriptions Manageruploadadminapplications_addonothersubscriptions       to         /public_html/admin/applications_addon/other/subscriptions      and
    Subscriptions Manageruploadpublicjsips.subscriptions      to       /public_html/jscripts    and
    Subscriptions Manageruploadpublicstyle_imagesmastersubscriptions    to    /public_html/style_images/subscriptions
    My Forum recognises the Addin and Modules but if I try to access them I get the following message “There appears to be an error with the database” etc
    Have I ftp’d things to the wrong place? Should I be doing more ftp’ing?
    Using Invision v3.3.1 and Subscriptions Manager 1.2.1 Download as from the Big Green Button above
  2. MolteniMike added a post in a topic Allow users to choose how many topics/posts per page   

    I have members asking for this, some quite irate about it.