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  1. Block Disposable Email Subscribers is free. Can you use this instead of that expensive service?
  2. How can i let my normal mods edit profile fields,comments and status updates? I don't want to make them smods. But I want them to edit big signatures etc. I think this feature should be implemented.
  3. Moderation in Search

    Yes, it would be good if it was a default option. But you say, this isn't our way to make things, i am seeking a way achieve this. Both kind of help would be welcome
  4. Moderation in Search

    This topic shouldn't be in feedback forum actually. Is it possible to make something like this? A file edit maybe?
  5. Moderation in Search

    All my moderators can moderate any forums. Theres no gallery or other fancy stuff in my forum.
  6. Moderation in Search

    Hopeless bump. Need this alot.
  7. Moderation in Search

    No, not yet. Read my post above.
  8. Moderation in Search

    I have managed to make checkboxes and dropdown menu visible to mods. But when i try to move, it fails with an error. I replaced this <if test="accessreports:|:($this->memberData[ 'g_is_supmod'] == 1 OR ( isset( $this->memberData['access_report_center' ] ) AND $this->memberData['access_report_center' ] ) )"> for <if test="isAdmin:|:$this->memberData['g_is_supmod']"> in search template bits. I believe we can do this.
  9. Moderation in Search

    There was a mod for this in 2.3. This was making my mod's job very easier and now they are suffering from upgrade anxiety and demanding this. Wish i could have it.
  10. Moderation in Search

    Can't they be shown to who can see report center maybe?
  11. Moderation in Search

  12. Moderation in Search

    I can see checkboxes and toolbox in search. But my normal moderators can't see them. My moderators can edit any forums, they are like super mods, but i don't want to make them smods. How can i make them to see this menus?