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  1. I truly appreciate all the kind and patient help I receive in my support tickets. Thank you. Dave
  2. (RSyvarth) Social Groups

    Would like ability to have an event calendar for each group.
  3. Video Tutorials?

    I agree! Might prevent stupid people like me from having to ask dumb questions and submit so many tickets.... :thumbsup:
  4. (RSyvarth) Social Groups

    Are the bugs fixed yet for 3.2.x
  5. Suggestion - banners

    Would be nice if you all had a banner module that came with the forum product, that you could turn on or off and have size and placement options. Thanks, Dave
  6. With all the upgrades, at some point I hoped we might have a better bulk emailer with WYSIWYG editor. Is that possible? Would help a novice like me produce more professional looking emails to our members.
  7. THIS SUCKS! Not getting any help!

    IP used to be very fast and responsive. I don't know what has happened.
  8. I have had a ip forum for about 8 years.... maybe only 6 years... since 2005. Always liked the customer service... that is why we use it isn't it instead of some open source forum like phpbb? I moved my website to a new server last night. Transfered forum data bases over. Forum doesn't work. I want to upgrade to newest version. I have put in tickets and paid for IP to move to new host. I really don't even know if they need to, it may have been done already for them. I am not doing the site move work... my ecommerce guys is doing that. He doesn't really mess with ip forums. I just know he moved the forum databases. That is about it. Anyway, I have made requests for a phone call since you guys don't take phone calls anymore. No response. Used to always talk to Niki, I think it is. She was always very helpful. Have pleaded for help in ticket system. No response. I just don't know what to do right now... Very frustrated all the way around. I just want my forum back up ASAP.
  9. Facebook Status Question

    Mine hasn't been importing. (to this forum)
  10. Facebook Status Question

    Is there a setting for that? Dave