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  1. Frontend Support System

    My knowledge isn't as advanced as would be necessary to get anywhere near what would be expected. The thing is I am not the only one saying this feature is necessary for such a system. Nexus is meant to be a highly dynamic system that covers the necessary functionality of a full support system. Necessity of ACP access for level 1 support staff is unreasonable, as many have agreed. Simply saying "If you don't like it, make your own" is not constructive, I am trying to provide useful suggestions for improving a product where improvement is necessary. I really love Nexus, I have done since it was announced years ago before I even got to play with it, so I don't want to NOT use it.
  2. Frontend Support System

    As alternate solutions go, It isn't bad, but I still feel strongly towards a change in the core of nexus.
  3. Frontend Support System

    This is an old topic, as such I know I may be bumping it and some may not appreciate that :S This still, to me, has yet to be fully looked at. This to me should have its own portal of sorts, in the frontend of the system. Otherwise, I can understand what the ACP Centralization goal is, perhaps an alternative to this would be to change how the ACP reacts to restrictions. Completly hide tabs and sections that are not accessible to avoid such confusions. I still must say that I stand my ground on where I believe the functionality should be, and understand the counter-arguments for it. At the end of the day the data is still within the same database, so having SOME of the data accessible via the frontend and not other data, isn't much of a stretch. In a situation, as you pointed out earlier, where a staff member needs to view information that is only viewable via the ACP, then they need to forward it to another department, one who DOES have access. Simply duplicate the 'help desk' panel to be within the ACP (to avoid tab changing or constant switching between front and back) as well as the MCP or other Support Desk. It is the admins responsibility to configure departments to have appropriate access in the first place. If an 'accounts' department only has access to the help desk but not the ACP, then the person who set it up has failed their job. But if Nexus's support feature is being used for reports and other misc 'ticket' subjects then they shouldn't need nor be given access to the ACP. I really hope that IPS will reconsider their position on this, as I can see many communities, especially gaming ones, taking advantages of the new functionality it would offer. Thank you :)
  4. 4.0 - Introducing the new AdminCP

    We, the people, demand this released tomorrow!!! OMG I LOOOVE it. Good Job IPS.
  5. Big Board Subforum for admins of large sites

    ^ This. Why seperate everyone? Why do we need to have different levels of clients to cater to the big boys who want a private party zone? We all paid the same amount of money. If we buy addons (Which I happen to have most) then we all paid for them too. We also all pay the same renewal fees. A lot of us pay the same hosting fees, some smaller ones may pay more per member average if you want to look at it like that. What makes you think that you are more special than anyone else because they havent managed to strike lucky? Or for that matter because someone else did strike lucky while their topic was relevant and now their site is, behind the scenes, virtually at a dead halt while a new member would see it as a booming community. I work damn hard and deserve access to the resources on offer here, as do each and everyone one of you guys and everyone else who has kept silent on this topic. Although the OP has said he meant to insult, those who have kept petitioning this have, and it is fairly clear to anyone who reads your words. The staff here have created an equal community regardless of community site and it should stay that way unless people want to buy access into a high priority client group that would have access to a private sub section. Mention of money scared most of you off yet? Thought so. Perhaps you can buy a license and create this community yourself if you think that your opinions are worth so much that they be hidden from the general public? Create an exclusive community and offer advice there. The idea will seperate groups of people in an unfair way. This isnt what IPS is known for, it's not what it should be known for. That is my say as a very very long standing customer.
  6. IPS Connect

    Currently your software offers the stance of powering the community, It could potentially offer to power a network!
  7. IPS Connect

    I appreciate your reply and hope for the functionality to be included at some stage. I understand the cross-domain issues, so it wont affect my decision to use a centralized database.
  8. Frontend Support System

    We use the nexus support tickets for reports on game servers we run. In this fashion there is no need for interacting with the ACP. I wouldn't shift it to a new FrontEND CP either, if anything it should be in the ModCP, not necessarily for Moderators, but because it is a tool of moderation to some extent. I agree that making yet ANOTHER Control Panel would be annoying for users with access to all of them. Perhaps any functions that you believe to be important and require ACP, should simply show to users with ACP access ONLY and have a direct link. When the user clicks the link, the ACP will ask them to login given its standard behavior? And if they don't have ACP they won't see the link in the first place?
  9. I love Nexus BUT...

    Any further feedback from the staff RE: this suggestion/idea?
  10. Frontend Support System

    I agree with this and would like to relight this subject as the latest nexus still hasn't got this feature. Thanks!
  11. IPS Connect

    Hey Guys, I have used IP Converge a few times and never really enjoyed the experience, although liked that I could link a login database. I understand that IP.Board is no longer the primary app, but rather a slave to the 'Community Suite' allowing for (eventually, not immediately I assume?) other apps such as nexus and downloads to be deployed independent of IP.Board? If this is the case, would I be able to use IPS.Connect on a domain (website1.com) and then have multiple other websites (website2.com and website7.com) using that login page for a central authority. I know that cross domain cookies have been an issue in the past, but am hoping to centralize one database but have a few different domains setup with different posts/moderators etc. If this is the case, would Nexus be able to promote across all instanced of the board while allowing me to have separate users with separate groups if done manually? (ie a subscription package would promote the user, if not in a 'safe' group, on all boards to a VIP account, but me setting a user to moderator on website7 would not affect website2) I already own IP.Board (x2), IP.Nexus, IP.Downloads and IP.Content, and am looking to centralize this potential system. I appreciate your time, Tarquin.
  12. (e32) Custom Sidebar Blocks

    Can you send me some information on how I can donate to you. This should be a paid modification!
  13. IP.Board 3.4 Dev Update: ACP User Interface Enhancements

  14. Please Revert the Moderating Team Page

    I advise in the future that you check and backup the code before playing with it. Chances are something on your forum is different to his, hence the error. You cannot blame his attempt at helping.
  15. Frontend Support System

    Hey mark, I dont want to be forced to give them ACP access full stop. In addition the ACP doesnt look user friendly when all other access is removed except this 1 module (ie you click Nexus and it gives you an error, you must mouse over and locate the Support Requests link directly) plus it forces them to login again, and they get a bit annoyed. I believe the MCP has a lot of potential for something like this, and it would fit in nicely.