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  1. Cookie Bar

    works great thankyou 
  2. Introducing IPS CDN Service

    hi has this died then i was looking into this or will the service be returning soon  i get the same error message when trying to activate as Riki does    if not does anyone have any suitable other options is there a favourite out there ?? any assistance on this  many thanxs 
  3. (M34) Auto PM X Posts

    top man thankyou kindly for this just what i was looking for 
  4. Purple Award Medals Pack

    thankyou very much for these great work 
  5. Downloads: Additional Authors

    thankyou so much for this and a total godsend on my forum as this is just what was required thankyou purchased without questions and does what it says on the tin :) 
  6. great addition stopped over 2000+ spammers so far great work and should be a must for all invisionboard owners  
  7. Dark Soldiers [Gaming Skin]

    love this skin developer is a great help and works like it says on the tin  thankyou 
  8. Countdown timer for single file downloads?

    i like this aswell great idea
  9. Lazy Loader

    nice very nice save a lot of time with this great work
  10. Hilight BBCodes

    this is great thank you for this Andy F very nice touch to any forum :)
  11. Featured Files on Board Index

    thankyou yet again Adriano  for a top file and free works a treat :)
  12. Advertisement on File View

    thankyou for this just what i was looking for
  13. IPBS FollowMe

    very nice addition many thanxs :)
  14. Clone Categories in IP.Downloads

    this is very handy tool suprised nobody has commented thankyou so much for this great work very easy to use and all you do is change the title as the permisions ect are all cloned aswell   great work