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  1. Sorry, forgot your module is : 

    (IPBA) Recent Topics Widget 1.1.14

  2. Hello, I installed your module on my forum, I could configure it, but it is not displaying (www.eco-bio.info/forum/upload). Can you explain me how you can display it on the main page of my forum please ?


    Thanks a lot,



  3. Commerce Billing - Paypal Sandbox Support

    I'm sorry, I did not look into init.php.  Thank you.  
  4. Hello, I think the Nexus does not support PayPal Sandbox. I think it is necessary. When I try to add at the end, it was not supported. Can the added support of the PayPal Sandbox, or is there a reason for this? Best Regards  
  5. Menu Manager : Suggestion

    This feature added to version 4.1.4 I'm so glad. Thank you very much
  6. Menu Manager : Suggestion

    Hello, I have a suggestion. Target (open in a new tab) options for a menu item. Do you add this feature? I think this is very necessary. Best Regards.
  7. Hi Zbgagdir  , how are you  ?

    I would like to ask you if you Hook of similar is suitable to ,my forum / version


    I just want to be sure before i purchase it 

  8. hey, i downloaded your plug in for recent posts and i love it. One thing though, how do i change the german writing lol? 

  9. Version 1.0.7


    Topic title based similar topics widget.  


  10. Version 1.1.14


    It shows recently updated threads and messages. Do list according to the selected forum. Ajax autload new content Demo: http://www.ipbaccess.com/  


  11. Version 1.0.3


    What does it do? It warns about topics on that day or earlier date. Selected members of the group and is effective in selected forums. Warning window color can be selected. Subject Date, or, it works on the history of the last message. IPB 4.0.x and 4.1 Compatiple  


  12. Version 1.0.7


    Installation Open: Admin->Customization->Languages 1. Create New  2. Upload 3. Load language file turkis_langage_pack.xml 4. Save Now available.  will be updated every week -- Türkçe Açıklama -- Haftalık olarak güncellemeye çalışıyorum. IPB 4.1 uyumludur. Diğer IPS modülleriyle beraber gözle görünür hemen her yeri çevirdim. Çeviri durumunu resim olarak ekledim.  Demo için sitemize bakabilirsiniz. http://www.ipbaccess.com  


  13. Black Friday & Cyber Monday Promotion

    ​That's what I think
  14. I'm waiting IPB4 beta 3 :thumbsup:

  15. 4.0 - Cover photos

    As Google+ profile.  It seems very useful. :)