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  1. (NB40) Most Liked Posts To This Topic

    Does work as shown in the thumbnails, unfortunately it won't work in a block that's not in the sidebar. I also wish it showed something besides "Post" for the link text. Either part of the post or maybe some post information (user/post date). Seems a little generic to only have a list of 5 "Posts" for people to see.
  2. Suggestion: Temporarily time-out user

    Is there a place to set that?
  3. It'd be nice if we could temporarily time-out an active user in chat. Like if someone is spamming emoticons, it'd be great if we could time-out user temporarily (10 mins, 15 mins) so they can't type anything for a short period of time. It's a nice way to slap someone on the wrist, where kicking them out of the room can send the message, I also don't think it's as useful as a short time-out.
  4. Personal messages - go to first unread post

    I really really really want to see this happen. The functionality to go the last page is there, as it's sent out in the email notification. I just don't know what code to chagne so that it takes you there when you click via the PM link from the top. I actually made a thread a couple months back, but haven't got a reply yet
  5. Missing the Watched Content block here

    That looks like exactly what most of us are talking about. Please tell me you have some plans to release this as a hook? Would love to use it. Thanks!
  6. Pagination in 'Content I follow page'

    Another vote for this.
  7. When clicking on a new message in the in messenger

    The email notifications have the "first unread" link in them. Now it's just a matter of finding the code where the notifications are built and adding a couple variables to the URL index.php?app=members&module=messaging&section=view&do=findMessage&topicID=XXXXX&msgID=__firstUnread__
  8. Can't tab out of text entry box in 3.2

    Is there somewhere I can keep up with this issue? I'd really love to fix it, I'm so used to tab > post, and it's frustrating me that I can't.
  9. 3 clicks to delete...

    This has been something bothering me for a quite a while. We have the trash can enabled, and we're currently needing to confirm twice that we want to remove a topic. If we press "OK" on the first javascript prompt, it's safe to assume to really do want to remove it. Especially if we have trash-can enabled and soft-delete "disabled". I don't need 2 fail-safes. One is plenty.
  10. Very happy with 3.0 :D

  11. View friends in online list

    So i got a request on my forum for a feature I couldn't figure out. Maybe there's an addon out there I didn't find through my intitial search, or a way to do this within IPB, but I couldn't find it. What I'd like is to show people in my friends list as a different color at the bottom of the board that lists all the members, similiar to how moderators are all a certain color. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks.