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  1. I have the same profile as on IPB

  2. hey, can you please let me have the access to download

  3. Buying Pagers = Content on v4?

    3.4.x = content 4.x = pages 
  4. Hey Pete, could you verify :)

    Any issues let me know.

  5. Hi Pete, could you please give me full access to Invision Focus?

    My username there is Janneke.



  6. Pete T,


    How can you install your Emojis on

  7. shoutbox for ips 4?

    i feel it was right to reply to the topic nothing more can't see the problem really !
  8. shoutbox for ips 4?

    Its been my forum as still has bugs and its still in RC stages and if did use the support only option my forum what the issue in that ??
  9. shoutbox for ips 4?

    yes shoutbox is out but only at my own site 
  10. Marketplace

    yeah like @Martin1980 said every item check by IPS staff member before goes live unless it's update then no it's only when it's new.
  11. Looking to buy IPS Licence

    it never best to buy old license ! why not go via client area buy what you need as IPS never fans on people selling licenses to many issues.
  12. Please visits you PM. Thanky you. :)

    1. Pete T

      i moved your account and edit your email as missed the i in gmail

  13. I want my credit back - disagree automatic renewal

    @Jamie Clark auto renewal happens if have credit or credit card on file ! The next point for @legacy_customer is i always have email 5 days maybe little more before any my license come to being renewed and fact claim never agreed to auto renewal ! i do believe made clear that 6 months you need renew IF like next version ! so can't see the fuss i bet you been in client area before due date so would know was due !  
  14. Hi, I am interested in testing the new shout box for IPS4. I am currently migrating my site away from VBulletin 5 (don't ask).

    I have just purchased the IP cloud option so Im pretty excited to move over to something that actually works!

  15. Hello, I joined the site yesterday, and could not find a way to change the fields in my profile, I only see a way to set 'Birthday' and 'About Me', and not the . Anyways, my IPS Profile is Kevin Hsu and I am a current client