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  1. I want my credit back - disagree automatic renewal

    @Jamie Clark auto renewal happens if have credit or credit card on file ! The next point for @legacy_customer is i always have email 5 days maybe little more before any my license come to being renewed and fact claim never agreed to auto renewal ! i do believe made clear that 6 months you need renew IF like next version ! so can't see the fuss i bet you been in client area before due date so would know was due !  
  2. Hi, I am interested in testing the new shout box for IPS4. I am currently migrating my site away from VBulletin 5 (don't ask).

    I have just purchased the IP cloud option so Im pretty excited to move over to something that actually works!

  3. Hello, I joined the site yesterday, and could not find a way to change the fields in my profile, I only see a way to set 'Birthday' and 'About Me', and not the . Anyways, my IPS Profile is Kevin Hsu and I am a current client

  4. Hello Pete, it's been a while but i was checking out the new site you have and wanted to see if I can be validated. I am Windwalker on your site and Windwalker222 on the IPS site and a current client. 



  5. Suggestion: Moderators list per forum

    you asking for one be added into staff directory or telling the OP that can look in staff directory ?
  6. First my primary language is English ! i am dyslexic so unless can't say something nice don't say it !! You asked why only CUSTOM SETTINGS can't be view outside Designer Mode that because only allows SETTINGS to be added to theme so again it's NOT A BUG Because why would need add theme settings outside designer mode !!
  7. where did get intended only designer mode ! its allows end user change text to logo or logo to text, it allow change item like colour etc so again no idea where the idea come was for only designer mode ! designer mode is more then custom it allows the /theme folder be created allows see css/html and all resources that linked to the themes it allows designer accress to build a theme from start to finish or just allow normal admin to play and tweak items but don't need designer mode make them unless exporting it.
  8. custom is not just for designer mode !! so its not a bug !
  9. As developer we don't get no freebies most people here do it because we enjoy providing files (app,plugins & themes) and enjoy providing support to many owners/admin of IPS so like many before my reply answer question like every one else we pay keep the forum license or suite active.
  10. Can I create a profile in the forum and give you access to the CP?

  11. New Members Today

    Version 1.0.01


    DescriptionThis plugin allow you see the new members that join your site within given time set by yourself in settings.Report Bugs and Suggest New Features HereInstallationTo install you just need upload XML file (Admin CP > System > Site Features > Plugins > Install)UpgradeTo upgrade you just need upload XML file (Admin CP > System > Site Features > Plugins > Upgrade)SetupYou need change settings in Block Manager on front end


  12. Unique menu manager?!

    There is free plugin called Easy Menu its allow you create menu using the plugin but CJ Menu little more advanced then this one.
  13. Looking for help
  14. Looking for help

    The chat system both 3.4. or 4.0.x has same skin/theme as forum does so if using default skin/theme that would used in chat.
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