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  1. The worst/dumbest thing you've done to/on your site?

    Only last week I setup a cron job to backup the database. I set it wrong and it was running every hour. Server was crawling along. Two days before I copped it :nuke: Tee heee heee.
  2. move from hosted package to my own hosting

    Just to add to NenaDice post there, its most important to back up everything yourself before you migrate. Sometimes things can be missed, simple things which you thought were not important and it gets deleted off the host and then its a "poop" moment, which you can reupload via ftp. I have moved from IPS Hosting to self hosted, and have had to delve into a backup to fix a couple of things. Best of luck with it. Brian
  3. Question about hosted communities.

    In my experience it hasnt been X amount of members being online at once that was the restriction, it was the load I tnink (which wasnt properly explained to me at the time)
  4. Complete the Suite ?

    Cheers folks. Last announcement via my acp was wayyyyyy back in June: Posted 03 June 2011It'll be a long wait then. Voucher codes ?Thanks.Brian
  5. Complete the Suite ?

    Is this going to happen again some time soon ? I need to bite the bullet, but a little incentive would help :huggles:
  6. Question about hosted communities.

    In my experience, its not a crazy restriction, but if you do go over the limits quite frequently (in terms of CPU / online users), you will eventually be pursuaded to upgrade to the next package, or to move from hosted altogether. Uptime / Support / Security / Backups / free cpanel (if thats still the case) = superb.
  7. Login Problem

    Presumably he is a l33t hax0r and is fed up that you have fixed some bug or other :lol:
  8. Unread Notification should disappear after reading message

    Thats not a solution as far as I can see, more of a yes its a pain in the arse, but its a "feature". And yes please, I would like this to go away, when its read, its no longer unread. Perhaps turning that notification option off is the way to go.
  9. Please clean up obsolete files

    Actually, for some of us - believe it or not - this is true.
  10. IP Board vs. vBulletin

    Really ? I have had no issue with spam bots to be honest. You have the questions and answers setup ? and Admin email validation ? and you check the validation queue against the stopforumspan website before approving the accounts ? I know there are issues with legacy customers, something I have and am experiencing, however I feel that the responses I have recieved from Sales and Support have been positive and that they are looking at how they should best deal with "us" Anyways thread hijack aside, VB vs IPB, chalk and cheese. You cannot really compare them honestly. They both do the same thing but: IPB is fresher looking, more up to date in terms of look / feel and its different, and feels like its going forward.
  11. I like ?

    I had to turn on admin validation. Previously we had to click click click. Now we get an announcement in the ACP. Handy and Dandy. Any features in particular you like ?
  12. Live chat - Support

    Is a fantastic feature when its online. Thanks !!! Brian.
  13. Eh up lad. Where in the north west are ye based ? Am a Bolton man myself, living in Ireland since I was a nipper....
    Liking your site btw.

  14. Long Time Webmaster, My NIGHTMARE With IPB.

    Dude, just submit a ticket. It wont get any worse, and in fairness to the support staff, they are quite good, and friendly too. Nothing ventured / nothing gained. Best wishes.
  15. Nov 23 Scheduled Release

    (off topic) I see the delete / edit / reply / report beside each response. Is that intentional ? (I know No_Permission) but Its seen and I presume it has a hit on performance minimal as it may be tried...... I have a similar issue - guests see the Promote to article option on every post - default setting, I have not figured out yet how to turn that off. (loggged in users dont see it). It generates a number of "reported errors" - only noticed while having a play in the ACP and turned on reporting for all errors and viewed my forum as a guest......... (/off topic) Happy thanksgiving people, and appreciate the update !