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  1. Apologies for the double post, this place is going slow for me today
  2.  https://developer.apple.com/library/mac/documentation/NetworkingInternet/Conceptual/NotificationProgrammingGuideForWebsites/Introduction/Introduction.html
  3. Granted but its only a matter of time before web notifications filter to iOS, Mac already has them. 
  4. Still being developed and needing things styling but full responsive and working 
  5. what does this offer over the mobile skin on IPB4 sites? With a few tweaks you can make a fully responsive web app for both Pages and Forums.  
  6. Background Image ?

    Both methods work fine for me although I am now using the second one as the way I did it was just a temporary fix whilst I sorted out a suitable background image
  7. Jeeees my stupidity today astounds me, just realised I have been creating the templates in the wrong place lol It works a treat, I just need to do some messing now to get my bottom articles to display side by side again. Many thanks.
  8. I named the template above wrong and put article_database_first so recreated it as article_template_first but it still does not work  my eyes are aching lol
  9. Thanks for the help @opentype it is much appreciated. I have altered my index template in the pages template editor to the above code you posted. Then I created the two templates  I placed the contents of the entry template into the newly created templates and altered the first template around a little as a tester. I am now getting error EX0 on my front page. Any help on this is appreciated as this is exactly what I am trying to do Many thanks for your input
  10. Did you have any luck on working out how to do this @Matt
  11. On a side note as I have your attention and if anyone should know it would be you How would I offset the articles in the foreach loop by 1 so as not to have a duplicate of the first post?  
  12. If you look at the old 1x2x2 template for ip.content it shows the first post using the {$data['records']  [0]  ['article_title']} to pull the latest article name etc,.. Since version 4 this has changed and I can not figure out how to do it. I have tried many variations but nothing seems to work and it is probably something really simple I have not grasped. I have built a rough template for the other posts which are in a {{foreach}} loop and I have them displaying and resizing lovely in both mobile and Desktop views but I am trying to rebuild the 1x article part at the top and unless I know how to pull the specific data then I am stumped. BTW thanks for sorting out that problem with the pagebuilder templates @Matt it now works flawlessly
  13. I have been trying to pull info from specific articles as for instance the bellow will pull the data from the first article. It is how the 1x2x2 database template does it for the 1x article. {$data['records'][0]['breaking_news']} Sadly this has now changed and I have managed to recreate the 2x2 bit of the article template but I can not seem to find the correct way to pull the same data in the new version of pages. I know it can be done but I am pulling my hair out trying to figure it out. If anyone can please help it would be appreciated as it is my final stumbling block