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  1. Short answer - Yes If you are having issues renewing then submit a ticket via the clients center support. And you will be on your way...
  2. Ipb 3 license and ipb4

    As long as you have an up to date license (Support) you qualify for the upgrades. Cost on support depends on the products you have purchased which you can also find in the clients center. Certain portions of the forums and features are blocked from visitors and general members, but as again this can be taken care of once your support has been updated. Have a Great Day!
  3. Upgrade from 3.4.8 to 4.1.x

    Yes as long as your license is active you are allowed to upgrade.
  4. Updates & Feedback

    I Agree to alternative methods of communication after a tickets first reply and being handled. Something like Slack or comparison would be an excellent feature like the old phone days. And yes the time delay between client and Tech A, Tech B, can also be frustrating for both the client and staff. I've been on both sides of the fence on this one as well... But all in all Well thought out to the point communications do go a long way keeping sanity on both sides. And this goes for both client and techs. We have a few great people here that are quite awesome keeping on top of things to get issues fixed rather than a band aid job like we all have seen through out the internet.... Actually the biggest reason I am hosted on an unmanaged server.... When the Ship hits the fan I am right there getting my issue fixed without waiting for some irresponsible desk jockey irrelevant come backs. And I will bet my last dollar you know who some of these so called host are. And Yes there have been plenty of times with my ISP where I had their issues centralized before they ever got to my door. (Hope there are no AT&T and Time Warner people here). Frustration again can be minimized with good communication. And if that don't work I still have my Dakota and Ram to make the necessary adjustments and the proof is in my Gallery Another is if and when you find a solution pass it on to the techs.... 1. so they can see an issue is resolved. and 2. if it is an odd situation they can take note of it for further reference.  
  5. Updates & Feedback

    I would like to agree with you Chris if this were a perfect world with text book circumstances and opportunities for the techs to follow. But as we know from experience its not like that in our world as we know it. I am not going to be that guy and tells you to deal with it they got to you when they could crap. But I will say they will and do normally try to notify you in the ticket, automated ticket response (email) and a standard email depending on the circumstances and severity of the ticket... One thing we all need to remember is 1st  The human factor the staff here are all Human and try to get through your situation as quickly and efficiently as possible. 2nd If it can fail it will. By this I mean not all situations are the same out of the box so they may have questions and maybe quite a few before understanding how to go about fixing a problem....  And from what I have found in the past is another human element called human error. Now I am not saying you or it has to do with your situation but I have seen this many times over as an electrician and a forum tech and administrator. Could they have given you more time? I can't answer that I am not on their end to see the load they are under. In some cases they can be in and out without you knowing they were even there yet. Then there are the times like @AndyF stated  where a developer has to take the wheel. It all depends on circumstances In a perfect world they would give you at least an hour window before hand and an exact time of departure... But for as perfect as this may sound we know it is just not that easy. Lastly Preparation. When submitting a ticket be prepared to answer their questions with the most accurate information you can. Have your site prepared and ready for them incase of any unexpected down time. Keep vigilant of ticket responses and emails... By keeping yourself involved makes it more easy and effective for you as well as the tech.  
  6. [This Site] Support Tickets

    I've asked for something similar awhile back. To add a function to create folders in the Client center / Support similar to PM's create folder. This would be a big help deciphering tickets. Especially where you have multiple suites purchased from past board owners not to mention creating folders to severities. 
  7. Database Overload

    From the theme designers point of view we don't always keep the completed or disbanded products on our development board. Though deleting them in the ACP removes them from view on the front end and ACP this does not remove them from the database. Not to mention that when using designers mode the theme Id continues after the themes have been removed. Example - id: 1 (Default) next being say id: 118 Now the id tags showing in designers mode may not be that big of a deal but say id: 2 through id: 117 are still in the database elements. bloating the database structure. Again from the designers point of view as I am sure the developers may agree a database tool will be appreciated to clear the removed product elements via the ACP rather than going into the server itself.
  8. 4.1 was due out early October. What happened?

    I have been without any real issues to express. They have been working rather well between beta stages. There are issues with 4.0 themes but they can be rectified fairly easy Nothing like 3.0 t.3.1 and up.
  9. Snagit..

    I also use SnagIt and Never had an issue loading an image... Example:
  10. Customer Feedback

    I am a Packer Backer through and through and I will always stand behind them. Both Green Bay and IPS have their qualities as well as the downfalls. For every mistake made the learning curve tightens up and lessons are learned. Consistency. Like Green Bay Invision deals with these issues as they arise. Not always in our time frame or our liking at a particular moment but in the end it is usually in a big way. To be quite honest after 4.0 went live I personally felt it should have stayed as beta and 3.4.9 should have come out instead. I was really learning to dislike it.  Now comes 4.1. While in beta preview I honestly thought OK now they are ready for the rubber room. What are you thinking? This will never fly. Surprise! 4.1 at this point has not only impressed me in a big way as it is right now, but I can also see where the barriers of the past limitations, will soon be without restraint.
  11. What a Horrible Company You Have Become

    I rest my case. (I guess you didn't edit it in time)
  12. What a Horrible Company You Have Become

    Trying to make a valid argument for piracy is not exactly anything new here. So don't get upset when people won't agree with you. Judgement Contest - Seems as though you are the one judging now my friend.... Maybe it is time to have a look in your own mirror.
  13. What a Horrible Company You Have Become

    Did you bother to read the terms as pointed out above by @Makoto? Even if you didn't, any intelligent life form would consider a copyright as a legit and acceptable practice.  
  14. What a Horrible Company You Have Become

    First we can stop the judgement contest right here. @Makoto was responding to your hype on pirated software beliefs.... Sorry about that but this issue and your contribution to it has no bearing. As far as Pirated Software Don't expect sympathy here There are just too many that will not agree with you or your idealism.
  15. Here's One for Lindy

    @Lindy may be to young to remember this but many of us old farts should get a kick out of it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qhR8GZ_WWMM