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  1. Board Member Account Credit

    Agreeing with @Lindy is a once in a lifetime act, but guess I am forced into it Another option to this situation might be open a secondary account with PayPal for site contributions. Now I never tried this before and I am not sure it will be allowed but asking them can't hurt. {{{{{ As bad as Owning a Chevy}}}}} Damn poltergeist infested keyboard is picking on Lindy again....
  2. Car Fan Sickness

    Unfortunately I lost those I mentioned with the D word and 2 ex-wives or I may have done the same. But at the time a heated garage and jack stands did what I needed. As for the trucks unless GM took lesson from Ford and MoPar you can keep the suspensions and transfer cases. A friend of mine has a 2010 GMC 2500 I would not trust to pull my 14 foot boat.
  3. Car Fan Sickness

    Hmmm - @Jim M Notice @Lindy Keeps the 4-4-2 under the bubble... But the Chevy is thrown out to the elements.... I remember the day I liked Chevy (the day). 72' Nova (not ones stock part on it) 66'Chevelle restored from the ground up to almost stock. (Corvette 427) and a 76' Vega I needed 10 gallons of marine grease to squeeze in a 327 and headers... Had a 69' Z for almost 2 weeks until a school buddie drove it through a guard rail and fence then killed himself at the bottom of a 400 foot quarry. So Yea Lindy I did like them....... at one time. As for the trucks Cough * Cough ** But like MoPar that played it stupid by dropping the Plymouth GM did the same with the Pontiac...
  4. cPanel access is crucial

    This obviously is not for everyone, but the main reason I like my unmanaged VPS hosting. If I run into a problem I have full access and control - done - fixed. No wait time for tickets and hosting personnel who don't have a clue about my needs or IPS products.
  5. Just changed my domain but problem occured

    Edit your conf_global.css in your forum root directory - your forum URL to point to the new URL address and  rename the sql database (if needed) as sipofwater pointed out. You should now have access to both your board and ACP
  6. Mobile posting

    Tried smoke signals and it works Great! For example @Lindy said the smoke was a bit fuzzy and thought I may have been picking on Chevy again... He was Correct! But I will concede to one good point about Chevrolet.... You always know where you parked by the oil Saturation.....    
  7. Mobile posting

    But it won't work a damn on my landline...
  8. If you are using Windows 10 you can mute this or any sound effects in your sound settings. Just click on the speaker in your task bar.
  9. Desktop and e-mail notifications

    This would be a nice (either or) feature.
  10. This theme design issue has been plaguing me for some time now and it is turning into an obsession.In 3.x We could call up a team icon per skin theme as so.How do I go about creating a field in 4.0.x?As of this moment it can't be done.Yes I can add this to the phtml template as so.html - forums - front - topics - postContainer.phtmlAdd after<li class='ipsResponsive_hidePhone'><img src='{file="$comment->author()->group['g_icon']" extension="core_Theme"}' alt='' class='cAuthorGroupIcon'></li>{{endif}}at or near line 39.<li class='{expression="\IPS\Member\Group::load( $comment->author()->member_group_id )" raw="true"}'></li>But I have discovered that this is an impractical method and not the way to go for production themes.I have tried this also as a profile field as background-image: url( {resource="team_icons/admin.png" app="core" location="custom"} );But for every attempt I get an error that it is invalid.So please bring this back....For this I promise not to pick on Lindy's love for Chevy's....OK that may be stretching it a bit on keeping that one. But I did type it without laughing.............................................................(much)Thanks-The Woodsman    
  11. Automated support response

    Understanding what you are saying and feeling I have to agree with Morrigan. Even with a tick system you will still have those that will tick it in panic or expect tech support to jump for them at the drop of the hat. Then fold the proverbial page thinking it will be the shortest path from A to Z. Not everyone knows how to trouble shoot like those of us that have been around for some time. This method geared for those with less experience and patients while the rest get caught in the shuffle. As we can remember from the past with 3.0 the support tickets rose to a point where the tickets were gotten to much later than the intended 2 business days max. So I don't believe this automated system is really designed to be disrespectful but more of a sane method to weed out the easily fixed issues using the support tool leaving tech support the more in-depth issues.
  12. "you are not allowed to download this file"??

    You need to be a client to download.If you are a client then logout and login with your client credentials.
  13. Even with this said, I'd find it hard to believe that many potential members / customers would stick around seeing a forum loaded with topics that have been closed. For me personally a forum like this would appear disorganized and out of control.
  14. Hmmm, It appears that you are correct with 3.4.x.I suppose I was just automatically disabling it without really noticing it and actually I am glad to see this fixed in 4.0. Closing topics or posts should be a moderated feature set by Administration anyway. Can you imagine a forum filled with closed topics by members rather than staff?
  15. This has never been an option. Administrators and those moderators given lock/close abilities by administration are able to do this.