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  1. avatar size please help?

    There you go.... Matt has no choice but to love it now... LOL!!!!!!
  2. avatar size please help?

    @Matt I wouldn't mind the bound and gaged version if they were images of my 2 ex-wives. But they aren't. So the Bud still gets my vote.
  3. Getting more Orn'ry in my old age.... My Grandfather should be PROUD!

  4. Trying the Mechanical Cigarette to cut back on tobacco... Here is the difference. Smoke particles plug your lungs. This new device reaches down and rips your dirty lungs out..... Nice Trade Off!

  5. State of apps from the marketplace in 4

    @socceronly Not to mention the lack of information given about which apps you are having issue with in marketplace. If you are having trouble with a particular product you need to contact the author. If you are having trouble contacting an author then you need to contact a marketplace moderator. I am not looking to step down on you or criticize but your post is extremely vague where a semi tractor trailer can drive through.
  6. More positive reinforcement

    I could only hope wish to be that Good Looking...  
  7. More positive reinforcement

    Hmmm I could post one but then I will run into the likely chance at being arrested for improper use of ugliness. Here is an old one, I'll have to get out the grinder to get rid of the new hair..... Then to sneak up on my camera again is the real killer.... BTW I'm the one on the right... The Good Looking one is Bear My bud of 16 years Now passed.
  8. More positive reinforcement

    Pics of me with a Power plunger, pics of the over flow? Or pics with my missing beard? LOL!!!!!!!!
  9. More positive reinforcement

    Hey @Morrigan Keep this between us and don't say a word to @Lindy, @Charles or the rest of the crew. Other than the fact that I still Hate Followers with a passion, 4.1 in general is actually gearing to my liking. Even where I needed the Power Plunger to flush all my 4.0 themes, 4.1 is showing promise. I guess I can start safely growing my beard back.
  10. Board Member Account Credit

    Agreeing with @Lindy is a once in a lifetime act, but guess I am forced into it Another option to this situation might be open a secondary account with PayPal for site contributions. Now I never tried this before and I am not sure it will be allowed but asking them can't hurt. {{{{{ As bad as Owning a Chevy}}}}} Damn poltergeist infested keyboard is picking on Lindy again....
  11. Car Fan Sickness

    Unfortunately I lost those I mentioned with the D word and 2 ex-wives or I may have done the same. But at the time a heated garage and jack stands did what I needed. As for the trucks unless GM took lesson from Ford and MoPar you can keep the suspensions and transfer cases. A friend of mine has a 2010 GMC 2500 I would not trust to pull my 14 foot boat.
  12. Car Fan Sickness

    Hmmm - @Jim M Notice @Lindy Keeps the 4-4-2 under the bubble... But the Chevy is thrown out to the elements.... I remember the day I liked Chevy (the day). 72' Nova (not ones stock part on it) 66'Chevelle restored from the ground up to almost stock. (Corvette 427) and a 76' Vega I needed 10 gallons of marine grease to squeeze in a 327 and headers... Had a 69' Z for almost 2 weeks until a school buddie drove it through a guard rail and fence then killed himself at the bottom of a 400 foot quarry. So Yea Lindy I did like them....... at one time. As for the trucks Cough * Cough ** But like MoPar that played it stupid by dropping the Plymouth GM did the same with the Pontiac...
  13. cPanel access is crucial

    This obviously is not for everyone, but the main reason I like my unmanaged VPS hosting. If I run into a problem I have full access and control - done - fixed. No wait time for tickets and hosting personnel who don't have a clue about my needs or IPS products.
  14. Just changed my domain but problem occured

    Edit your conf_global.css in your forum root directory - your forum URL to point to the new URL address and  rename the sql database (if needed) as sipofwater pointed out. You should now have access to both your board and ACP
  15. Mobile posting

    Tried smoke signals and it works Great! For example @Lindy said the smoke was a bit fuzzy and thought I may have been picking on Chevy again... He was Correct! But I will concede to one good point about Chevrolet.... You always know where you parked by the oil Saturation.....