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  1. My email adress are banned from IPS sites

    I had a similar situation happen but my IP address rather than my email.... After a Gateway (Modem) change my server did not recognize my new IP and banned me from the server. I had to go next door with a laptop and use their Internet connection to get in to de-blacklist in security, unblock the IP from the firewall then white list it....
  2. Come on @FZ Give it up.... A blind man can see the true intent.... What you really need to do is take the advice given download the proper upgrade software and get it done. End of story. If there should still be issues then support has something solid to work with. This is a No Brainer... Anyone with 1/10 of your brain can understand this. So rather than arguing with everyone just go getter done and prove the real person you are.
  3. No @MADMAN32395 He understands... He understands topics like this are intended to get others on the hate wagon. But in this case he got into a kennel of hungry wolves   And quit picking on salt.... I for one like a little food with my salt....
  4. 1st off Some people seem to think that  you as a tech support agent have more time on your hands than what the clock allows in any given day. So therefore they have the time to hunt down and read all correspondences from other tickets... Where you my friend should have been willing to give all pertinent information to get the ball rolling in your favor. But I guess it is always better to blame others for your plight and misfortunes rather than taking a good look at a situation and ask yourself "How can I make this situation easy for others to fix" rather than blame and avoidance.
  5. This is totally inadequate... I would expect staff to be in the next room drinking up all my coffee....
  6. After following @Rikki's guide on the ckeditor regarding the menu dropdown. I found that it will not work as intended. After which the menu dropdown works fine. Problem 1 that I am seeing... Is now we are reverting back to pre IPB 3.0.x as to 1 file set and no  core edits. Meaning not only our custom theme files but now 2 other css files namely content.css and the editor.css that @Rikki describes above need to be added as well. Problem 2 that I am seeing is the possible need of the content.css file per theme because at this point the ckeditor root content.css overrides all. IPS supplies us a custom.css file for our custom themes while ckeditor supplies us the content.css for theirs. It sure would be handy and less time consuming if we were allowed to use the ckeditor content.css as intended.
  7. Marketplace theme category difficult to find

    Cough, Cough. You would think that Themes would be the primary category and extras like emo's, badges and such would be a secondary being the primary reason more people are looking for themes rather than extra's. Cough, Cough.
  8. 2016 New Years Resolutions

    As if you are that much older than me.... Difference You my friend are just an old fart. Me I am an Orn'ry Old Fart!
  9. New Years Resolution timeline — Day 1, organize ALL the things that need to be organized. __ Day 5, too many things to organize. Time for a Beer! __ Day 6 Go back to 2015 Resolutions. Have another Beer!
  10. Happy new year!!

    Another one gone - But the best are yet to come! Happy 2016!
  11. Is there still a theme editor??

    Short answer - Yes... Very up to date and user friendly even for one who has never created a theme before. Much like the 2.x version it seems you are talking about but friendlier... I personally won't use it because it won't bring me my coffee....  
  12. Self-hosted Licensing Question

    The $275.00 is a one time fee for the mentioned core and applications.  (Any application added on at a later date are an extra charge with added renewals.) And the 6 month renewal fee of $50.00 gives you continuous access to support services and all current upgrades for these products. For selecting a host here is a list of requirements needed to have your suite run smoothly...
  13. Building a PC - Need Help

    Wish I could build my new one on that budget... This one I built in 07' cost me $1100.00 USD and the one I am looking to replace it here very soon is looking to be over $2000.00 USD.... And I'm not even a gamer.
  14. Just create a banned group and call it what you want. Set its permissions accordingly then hide the group from public view where only staff can see these people. You and your staff will be the only ones who will be able to see these peoples profiles and userpanes. The rest of the community will not.
  15. Help please, I can't start a forum

    Setting up forum categories and forums are really not very hard at all. First you would set up your categories where your forum topics will reside finalizing them in the who can access permission fields. Now from here you will click the circled plus sign. This is where you will start adding your sub-categories and forums. Again ending with your permission fields. The tip to these processes are if you don't see or set the permissions they will not show on the front end. You can also find the permissions fields under the black down arrow on the right.