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  1. Upgrade Question

    As of yet there isn't as far as I can see a way to import any bans you currently have on 3.4.x, so if a site uprades to 4.0.8 or whatever latest is at the time, does it import these also?
  2. [HQ] Badges

    As the question above Do I need to pay for the IPB 4.0 Version?
  3. Tutorials

    I would also appreciate an eta for Tutorials for IPB 4.x. Many Thanks
  4. Suspected Ban Evaders

    Will this be updated for ips 4.x?
  5. [HQ] Badges

    Yes there is a psd with 5 badges on. they are on different layers so you need to hide/unhide
  6. Playthru is also another awesome plugin to stop spammers registering on your forums, especially the spambots
  7. [GF] Minecraft

    Version v2


    A light minecraft game theme [GF] Minecraft Designed For 1280 x 1024 Screen Resolutions   [GF] Minecraft v2 can be used fluid or fixed, theme is fluid by default, background is fixed, doesn't scoll Logo PSD & Font Included   PM me if there are any issues.


  8. [GF] BF3

    Version 1.0.4


    A dark battlefield 3 gaming theme. Logo PSD included    


  9. Hazardous

    Version 1.0.1


    A dark theme with a bit of grunge feel. Works on all screen widths. Now Includes Logo PSD Logo Font


  10. Warfare

    Version v1.0.1


    A dark gaming skin centered around modern warfare, great for clan or fan sites. Includes Logo PSDChanges 14.05.2012 New background Added Compatablility For Subscriptions Downloads Blog Gallery Tutorials I don't have nexus so cannot test but should be fine.Changes 21.08.2011 Optimized Skin width for 1280 x 1024px Changed Location of admin/header bar Updated poll background and text colours Skinned popup login box


  11. Warfare

  12. [GF] BF3

  13. Pulse by IPS Themes