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  1. I am losing members because of the BBcode headaches, they can't even get a simple box working. This is sad. Many of the reports in the bug tracker deal with bbcode.
  2. Profile comments

    Or simple vB way, make a "Show conversation" link on top of the comment.
  3. Facebook Type Skin

    Seems more like a design request, I doubt IPS will do anything about it, it's better to ask a designer instead, in my opinion.
  4. My thoughts on the Skinning System

    You have no idea how happy that link made me. : )
  5. ~ 1k "vector-shaped" free icons

    Thanks, I had fun with them!
  6. My thoughts on the Skinning System

    At fist, I had a super hard time with the new skinning system as well. In fact, I was able to radically changed how I wanted templates to look in 2.3 in a few hours but then I upgraded and those few hours turned into eons. But after getting used to it, I find it a whole LOT neater than 2.3 and I don't struggle nearly as much to find what I am looking for. I do agree that it's not as newbie friendly and time consuming to learn. It would be nice to see some sort of in-depth generator similar to dreamweaver, but I doubt that will come true.
  7. Profile Picture vs. Avatar

    That's a tricky one. :(
  8. Profile Picture vs. Avatar

    Or if possible, get rid of it altogether!
  9. Profile Picture vs. Avatar

    I detest personal photo too. Would love it in the near 3.1x version. :( the option too choose would be lovely.
  10. Other Products

    Thinking about getting some more products for my forums. Since I don't really want to upgrade my IPB3.05 until 3.11 and beyond, will I have compatibility issues with any of the other IP products? Or do I need to get a lower version for any of them?