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  1. By the way are you going to support XenThemes?

  2. IPS4 Pages - My experience building a custom homepage

    It was for a client and isn't live as far as I'm aware. I put this together on my theme forum just for a bit of fun. It uses custom blocks to output my latest themes & plugins.
  3. Look at the below screenshot. How does a user find IPS4 themes? The homepage of the marketplace has absolutely nothing even remotely related to themes. It would be great if the theme category could be made more prominent. At the very least, re-order the category structure so that themes aren't hidden beneath the (and 7 more) link.
  4. Cosmic by IPS Themes

    Version 1.0.3


    Live Demo


  5. I see you berthed another theme (Cosmic). Noticed a couple of items in the preview.


    The one on the left, I'm not sure but my V4 stock theme seems to be aligned, but I have announcements?


    Very nice. Looking forward to seeing Pulse arrive :)

  6. Tom,

    Looking for feedback on my Contact Form submission for Luminous. I'm founding nothing in my email, might be delayed somehow?


    Noticed this on your site while checking for any news on the Pulse V4 theme, and I have a couple of questions.

    1. Is there a possibility of adding a global Guest Welcome message?
    2. The footer looks interesting, but the twitter feed on the right; is that configurable when there is no twitter content to be displayed?
    3. Is this the theme that will replace the Pulse V3 theme?
    4. Will there be a option to add a header image?

    On item 1 and 4 I know there is plugins that can do these, but its item 1 is limited, and item 4 at times fails with core/theme updates.

    On item 1 I'm looking for a Guest Welcome that pops up at each page view.

    I was extremely happy with the Pulse v3 theme, and the support that I received from IPS Themes...


  7. Luminous by IPS Themes

    Version 1.0.2


    Live Demo


  8. IPS4 Pages - My experience building a custom homepage

    With the recent (excellent) improvements to the CSS & JS documentation, I can only assume that they'll get to Pages soon enough.
  9. Oppurtunity to respond

    As do I but that doesn't mean I would ever sell myself short to such an extent. You have a niche talent which people will pay good money for. Don't waste your time with people that aren't serious...And yes, hindsight is cruel sometimes
  10. Oppurtunity to respond

    Seems like you did the right thing here. Looking at that last message though, why would you even consider a project for such a low amount? You're severely undercharging  
  11. Hi Tom, wondering if you'll be releasing IPB4 theme for PULSE? Thanks

  12. Mobile Theme disabled by user?

    What functionality is lost? The responsive theme has the same features across all devices; just displayed differently.
  13. I spent a couple of hours today building a completely custom homepage with Pages. The homepage made use of a page template, custom wrapper template, two PHP blocks, custom CSS & JS files. As I went along I recorded a few things: Suggestions / Features 1. From a developer stand point, I was immediately stuck in regards to documentation. There's nothing remotely helpful that tells me how to use pages as an advanced user. I suggest a setup guide on creating a custom homepage that integrates with a PHP block. 2. When writing custom blocks, the UX is painful. As a first time user of Pages, there was a lot of trial & error when writing my blocks. Being redirected back to the block index every time I clicked save became tiring very quickly. Ideally, I'd like to write these outside of the ACP like a regular IPS4 plugin. Is this possible? 3. PHP Blocks - At first, I was confused whether this was IPS template syntax or raw PHP. If there were advanced docs, this could be answered pretty easily. 4. When adding templates, (HTML/CSS/JS), the template should be open and ready to edit after the page refreshes. Adding a template, and then having to search through all the folders to edit it is pretty tedious. 5. The CSS/JS include process needs improvement. My JS files needed to be in a certain order yet I was restricted to the incorrect order in which the templates were dumped inside the multi-select menu. In the end, I had to merge the two JS files together to solve that. 6. Global import/export feature. This app is awesome and the potential is huge but as a developer, I have zero interest in building anything for the community due to how messy the setup process is both from a developer & end-user stand point. I could see myself building an awesome homepage package that includes all kinds features. From what I can see, to achieve this at the moment, the user would have to manually create all of this inside their ACP. Manually create the custom blocks, manually add the CSS & JS templates, manually do everything. This complexity needs to be addressed ASAP. Bugs 1. Deleting templates works, but isn't reflected live on the page. It's only gone after a page refresh. 2. Block page badges (custom,plugin etc) have weird alignment. 3. Adding a new page, write some content, switch tab to write the title & page description, go back to the content tab and all the content is gone. 4. "Save and reload" button doesn't work when first adding a page. It just redirects to the index after setting up permissions.
  14. Haze by IPS Themes

    Version 1.0.5


    Live Demo


  15. Simplify by IPS Themes

    Version 1.0.5


    Live Demo