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  1. Hi Tom, wondering if you'll be releasing IPB4 theme for PULSE? Thanks

  2. Mobile Theme disabled by user?

    What functionality is lost? The responsive theme has the same features across all devices; just displayed differently.
  3. I spent a couple of hours today building a completely custom homepage with Pages. The homepage made use of a page template, custom wrapper template, two PHP blocks, custom CSS & JS files. As I went along I recorded a few things:Suggestions / Features1. From a developer stand point, I was immediately stuck in regards to documentation. There's nothing remotely helpful that tells me how to use pages as an advanced user. I suggest a setup guide on creating a custom homepage that integrates with a PHP block.2. When writing custom blocks, the UX is painful. As a first time user of Pages, there was a lot of trial & error when writing my blocks. Being redirected back to the block index every time I clicked save became tiring very quickly. Ideally, I'd like to write these outside of the ACP like a regular IPS4 plugin. Is this possible?3. PHP Blocks - At first, I was confused whether this was IPS template syntax or raw PHP. If there were advanced docs, this could be answered pretty easily.4. When adding templates, (HTML/CSS/JS), the template should be open and ready to edit after the page refreshes. Adding a template, and then having to search through all the folders to edit it is pretty tedious.5. The CSS/JS include process needs improvement. My JS files needed to be in a certain order yet I was restricted to the incorrect order in which the templates were dumped inside the multi-select menu. In the end, I had to merge the two JS files together to solve that.6. Global import/export feature. This app is awesome and the potential is huge but as a developer, I have zero interest in building anything for the community due to how messy the setup process is both from a developer & end-user stand point. I could see myself building an awesome homepage package that includes all kinds features. From what I can see, to achieve this at the moment, the user would have to manually create all of this inside their ACP. Manually create the custom blocks, manually add the CSS & JS templates, manually do everything. This complexity needs to be addressed ASAP.Bugs1. Deleting templates works, but isn't reflected live on the page. It's only gone after a page refresh.2. Block page badges (custom,plugin etc) have weird alignment.3. Adding a new page, write some content, switch tab to write the title & page description, go back to the content tab and all the content is gone.4. "Save and reload" button doesn't work when first adding a page. It just redirects to the index after setting up permissions.
  4. Haze by IPS Themes

    Version 1.0.1


    Live Demo


  5. Simplify by IPS Themes

    Version 1.0.1


    Live Demo


  6. Agile by IPS Themes

    Version 1.0.4


    Live Demo


  7. Social Icons by IPS Themes

    No, a 4.0 version will be released shortly.
  8. Navigation Icons by IPS Themes

    Version 1.0.0


    AboutNavigation Icons by IPS Themes is a tiny plugin that adds the ability to specify a different icon for each of your navigation links. The plugin utilizes the Font Awesome icon library which is already built into IPS4. That means the plugin adds virtually zero overhead to your site.FeaturesSpecify unique icon for each of your navigation tabsAutocomplete list with ability to search through hundreds of icons directly in the ACP.Utilizes the Font Awesome icon library that's already built into IPS4. For plugin update information and product release news, follow us on Facebook or Twitter.


  9. Awww. So many bugs in IPS...

    How can you disagree that nobody forced you to upgrade? As far as I'm aware Lindy and Charles aren't going around threatening people to upgrade.It's not difficult to grasp the fact that new software - especially software that has been re-written from scratch is going to experience a lot of issues early on. Why do you think none of the major clients (Neowin, Evernote, NHL etc) aren't immediately upgrading to IPS4? There's probably a ton of other reasons but I bet you a major one is the huge risk involved in upgrading to new software that hasn't had any time to mature.
  10. Awww. So many bugs in IPS...

    Nobody forced you to upgrade. Comments like this are ridiculous.
  11. Social Icons by IPS Themes

    Version 1.0.4


    AboutSocial Icons for IPS4 is the most advanced plugin available for integrating your favourite social media networks into several locations throughout the suite. This plugin takes full advantage of font icons by allowing full control over size, colour and positioning using simple cross-browser & cross-device CSS code. This eliminates the need for additional raster based icons thus massively improving site performance.FeaturesThe plugin is shipped with over 170 vector icons that cover all popular social networks.Choose to show your icons in seven locations including – header, footer, navigation & sidebar.Drag & drop icons directly to your homepage widgetable areas.Search for and then preview the icons you need directly from the plugin settings.Customize the size of your icons directly from the plugin settings.Want to override the default brand colors? We’ve included a setting for just that.The settings offer complete control over which groups can and cannot use the plugin.Integrated with IPS4 Localization. Coming SoonAdditional icons (after several have been requested)


  12. Category Tabs by IPS Themes

    Hello, Category Tabs for IPS Suite 4 is already available. You can find it here.
  13. Introducing: IPS Community Suite 4!

    Great job guys :).
  14. A few months ago during the alpha testing on the IPS4 preview site there was an excellent documentation section that provided really helpful information about the CSS & JS framework in IPS4. Please could this be updated and restored on this site?Up until now, I've managed okay without it. However, I just discovered a feature in IPS4 that can be enabled by a single data-attribute in the HTML. This feature in particular is something I spent a couple of days building & testing in my own theme framework. If I had documentation on the framework this could have been avoided. I'm aware there's an old IP.Content export with this data floating around somewhere but I'm suggesting that an official section be added to this site.Thanks.