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  1. Auto-Upgrader

    Just used this works perfectly! :)
  2. (DDK33) Board Index Face

    Thanks for this, one of the best modifications on here! Using it on my forum
  3. Glossy Team Icons



    Technical Details [*]Editable text [*]PSD File with 8 organized ranks [*]8 Transparent PNG files [*]Font used: Helvetica (Added to pack) How to Install: [*]Unzip the files and upload all the .png files to /public/style_extra/team_icons folder via your FTP Client. [*]Go to your ACP and go to Member Groups -> Manage Member Groups. [*]Then Click the Group you wish the change the rank image for and tell IP.Board where the image is. Ex: public/style_extra/team_icons/admin.png Thank You!


  4. IPS Anniversary - 10 Years Online

    Happy Anniversary!
  5. Home from work, now time to upgrade. :D

  6. Finishing my skin ready for IPB 3.1 :D

  7. IP.Board 3.1.0 Dev Update: Topic Preview

  8. Deep Pink Released =D

  9. (DDK33) Instant Notifications