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  1. Add Missing Headers

    Version 1.0.0


    This file adds headers to the following elements, to ensure consistency of header use throughout the forum & system app:the VNCthe Settings pagethe profile tabsthe moderator CP


  2. Font Awesome Forum Icons

    Version 1.0.1


    This plugin allows you to set your own font awesome forum icons for each forum by adding these forum icons in the custom css file. This enables you to set retina friendly and web-standard icons for each forum separately. You can also change the background color of each icon.


  3. Greetings from Amsterdam

    Beautiful    (disclaimer: I live in Amsterdam)
  4. 4.0 has less options than 3.4.x?

    Well, I do use the forum view title edit functionality quite often, so it is a pity if it is gone.
  5. Not sure if this is still relevant, but here's how I just did it: <a href='{parse url="showtopic={$r['topic_id']}&amp;view=findpost&amp;p={$r['pid']}" template="showtopic" seotitle="{$r['title_seo']}" base="public"}' rel='bookmark' #{$r['pid']}'>title of your link</a> Hope this helps!
  6. (DDK33) Instant Notifications

    Great hook!
  7. profile privacy in IPB 4

    I've had that same problem on my community. We now have installed a hook that even sets user-names to blanks for guests and doesn't display avatars to guests. We've set profiles inaccessible for guests. Two forums are inaccessible for guests. This does the job pretty well, but I can see value in the 'only visible for friends' option, because if that's in the architecture of the community suite, this will make it easier to hook into that option in other areas.
  8. 4.0 - Global Sidebar

      That would be nice!
  9. 4.0 - Global Sidebar

    Is one of the options that in topic view, you can show the similar topics in the sidebar? That would be awesome! :D
  10. AdSense Crawler

    Thanks :D
  11. AdSense Crawler

    Can someone from IPS confirm this?
  12. 4.0 - Moderation Part 1: Setting up moderators

    This looks really nice. Can't wait to see the other parts of this series of blogs :)
  13. AdSense Crawler

    I tried it in all possible ways I could think of, but apparently AdSense is not able to crawl those pages (or I'm doing something wrong - most probable). Any how-to would be really appreciated! Thanks!
  14. AdSense Crawler

    Bumping this topic to check whether anything like this will be included in the 4.0 Suite (A)
  15. 4.0 - Introducing the new AdminCP

    Looks really nice! (But I liked the pink as well...)