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  1. Restore the ability to change skin via URL

    It is (like most of the 3x series tools) not included in the .zip anymore. You can obtain it along with some other useful tools here:      
  2. Payment under review

    Hello, During business hours it can be around an hour or so. However as its the holidays currently in the US (Thanksgiving) it may take a little longer than normal. Thank you for your patience.
  3. How to restrict guess access?

    There are some 3x addons that can do this (limit to x views) although I'm not immediately aware of an IPS4 addon that is available yet for this. You could maybe go halfway and perhaps allow full read access to one forum and the others only allow the topic titles to be read ?
  4. Locked out of forums

    You're welcome. Its very easy for the licence holder to add an alternative contact. Simply have them visit the Client Area then click the appropriate link on the left side: For security reasons they cannot (as stated in the text) access some functions however they are able to use the support and other areas as required.
  5. Hello, It can be done via Commerce as you could 'force' new registrations to choose a package upon registration and then have that set them a group depending on what 'item' they purchased. As an alternative if that is not quite what you had in mind however there are some third party applications that can do this. From a very cursory search of the Marketplace I found this one: Please note that is for the 3.4.x series not for IPS4. I'm reasonably sure that some of the 'group' or 'team' type applications can also offer this functionality too although I'm not immediately aware of an IPS4 third party application that offers this at the moment.
  6. Locked out of forums

    Hello, I'm sorry to hear you're having issues. The forums are restricted to clients and their elected contacts. If however as you say its just been upgraded and there are immediate issues I would simply advise that a new support request is opened so a support tech can take a look for you and rectify any issues present.   Regarding access for yourself here: You can simply ask the account holder to add you as an 'alternative contact' and then depending on how they set your permissions up you'll be able to both use the support forums here and / or submit support requests via the Client Area too. Alternative contacts are provided for this purpose specifically in that the licence holder may not be the one in charge of the 'running' or support of the site itself.  
  7. Cloud IPB service questions

    Hello, 1. Yes, you can install themes without issue. 2. Yes, you can install addons from the Marketplace here. There are a few (very few) ones that cannot be used on Cloud hosting.99.9% of them can. 3. Automatic backups are taken. New accounts (might) not have Cpanel access I'm not 100% sure on that however a hosting tech will be able to answer this for you. 4. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover credit cards and PayPal. 5. No, there is no real difference as such apart from not having to worry about any hosting related concerns at all as that's taken care of for you. If you look here (scroll down past the payment/packages section) there's a quick FAQ that may assist. 6. When you initially sign up you will need to choose an initial name with a provided subdomain. However you can change to your own domain name very easily after sign up if you wish. To do this you'd just have to open a support ticket to inform us you wanted to use your own domain name as a tiny change needs to be made at our end then you'd simply point your nameservers at IPS. A hosting tech will explain to you in your support ticket what small steps you need to do to make it work. Its quite easy though. 7. Its offered on the higher packages, a hosting technician will be able to confirm this although I think its the '100' package and higher. 8. I'd have to leave that to other clients who wished to post their example sites for you to compare speeds. Having said that I'm from the UK and I do not notice any appreciable slowness.
  8. IPB 4.x Documentation

    Hello, Documentation is a continual process. For the moment you may wish to take a look here.  
  9. Just a shout out to IPS

    Thank you for your positive feedback and thoughts.
  10. A 'hosted' ie 'Community In The Cloud' will contain encoded files. A 'Self Hosted' one will have clear files.
  11. Pages - thank you!

    Thank you for your positive feedback. Regarding documentation, you can find some here
  12. :)

    1. maidos

      working for ips again? :D

  13. Finally you're back! Congrats, man! :yes:

    1. AndyF

      Thank you! :)

  14. No response for 3 days

    You're welcome. I realise that Martin1980 had mentioned where to find it but thought "a picture speaks a thousand words" as such... I don't think there's a critical option for the support routine built in as critical issues can usually be judged as 'community is inoperative' so you may not always have working ACP access, so in those cases (or cases where it is critical but your ACP is alive) its best to head over to the Client Area directly. The built in tool is a great addition but I don't think it was intended for critical issue submissions.