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  1. From Self hosted to Cloud

    Yes this is quite possible. I'd suggest a ticket in the Client Area so a tech can advise you on the transfer itself. I think a tech may do it for you as you're coming to IPS hosting. I'm not sure if there will be any kind of pro-rota discount if you have much time left on your existing licence, again a tech will advise. Note that IPS hosting is for IPS products, this basically means you cannot really have many other scripts or external pages.
  2. I want my credit back - disagree automatic renewal

    I was not aware the $100 'offer' was still in effect. As a sidenote is it a good deal for those who want to 'transfer' to a current licence from a legacy one and gain access to the new versions. Its not always available to all legacy holders afaik. Regarding renews, its easier to just not have any card details on file to stop this if that is what is required.
  3. vb5 cloud to IPB4

    Just to add a little as its the VB 'cloud' they offer you'd need to tell them you wish to have the database and uploads. IIRC in 5 the uploads are stored in the filesystem not the database, which does make things a bit easier conversion wise. They will not give you the core files but you do not need them, all you require is your database backup and the contents of any uploads ie post attachments and profile pictures for example, then you have all you need to 'convert' to IPS. Once you have these from them, you're finished with VB side of it. You may have to as Rhett has said submit a ticket, its also possible you'll need another database temporarily to import the VB database to, so your IPS install can read from it. A tech will explain what is needed in the ticket anyway.
  4. I've been asked a couple of times about legacy version support, the answer is yes but *only* in this forum in a topic not via PM or other method.

    1. AndyF

      And not lower than 2x please

  5. 3.5.x series

    That sounds a sensible thought. It would be worth asking to see if anyone can assist.  
  6. Resorting as client

    That's great to hear. Welcome
  7. cPanel access is crucial

    A simple usage bar would be an idea I guess, not too dissimilar to what Cpanel has but displayed in the Client Area under that package.
  8. Resorting as client

    Hello, I'm sorry to hear of the delay. Accounts / Billing tends to be Mon-Fri although support is 24/7, just some other departments are not. Having said that there is usually someone around at the weekend to attend to any issues. I'd guess from your current group (you're showing as a 'visitor') your payment has not been approved yet otherwise it would normally say '+Client' One common cause of this is using a different account on here compared to the Client Area (in effect that account) but you say you have already checked that. Unfortunately you just need to wait a little while until a member of staff can check your purchase / ticket and proceed with it for you. Thank you for your continued patience!
  9. Buying Application/Hook without License?

    Welcome! You would of needed a licence to in effect legally obtain the 'core' as such even if you wanted to run say just core + third party app only.
  10. 3.5.x series

    Similar thoughts were also aired when the first 3x versions appeared from those who wanted to stay with 2x... I would say if you wanted to stay with the 3x series to ensure you are running the latest version at least, that's currently 3.4.8 There's no mass hurry to update to 4x as 34x will remain supported for a while yet, it goes EOL 1st April 2017, so that's quite a way away...  
  11. Questions Prior to Purchasing.

    Hello, 1. I'm assuming you mean a cloud purchase. At purchase time you specify a subdomain and have a choice of domains such as (yourchoice) at , there is nothing to stop you having any combo here though for instance qwerty12345 at invisionzone for instance. The URL can be changed to your own domain if you wish. Note this involves a little more than just updating the DNS, basically you would simply submit a ticket to hosting who will make the changes on their end, then you'd update your DNS 2. You can purchase domain names from a lot of companies, including here: 3. I don't (think) you are permitted to have custom code on an IPS server that is outside the allowed framework ie an IPS type application either official or third party (such as from the Marketplace here) although a staff member can answer this with up to date information for you.  
  12. Car Fan Sickness

    I'm not really familiar with weather patterns 'over there' but I'm sure there are other car people here who can assist with the best ideas for preservation.  
  13. The chat app, bad or good for the forum?

    I think a lot of this will depend on the community itself. Chat (like Shoutbox) is good for random smalltalk and suchlike if members want to chat about things and you do not have suitable offtopic areas and / or the community does not have an area for just 'random chat' Having said that a lot of things posted in Shoutbox/Chat are just that ie smalltalk and not in most cases worthy of a topic anyway. Just gives members somewhere for their random ramblings I guess.
  14. Car Fan Sickness

    Can it breathe OK under the cover ? Have visions of it quietly rotting from inside out (metalwork as well as interior trim) from condensation build up over time...
  15. Upgrading IP.Board

    Hello, As Mark has said you can either upgrade yourself or a support tech can do it for you, you need to go to 34x first then to 4x. You could actually upgrade to 4x from any 3x version although its easier to use the latest 3x version currently 348. Always remember to take a full backup (database and filesystem) before performing a large upgrade. Problems are rare but it makes sense to play safe. There are quite a few changes although the upgrade is easy and only asks a few questions, the main one being when you go from 2x to 3x whether to keep either avatars or profile pictures as the member 'picture' as later 3x versions and all 4x only have on 'avatar' / 'profile' image. For the majority of boards its best to choose to convert from avatars simply as most members will have one whereas not all of them will have profile pictures. The actual choice is simply a check on the upgrader itself, there's no mess and no issue with it. Bear in mind no 2x mods will work with 3x or 4x either, the same applies to skins. You'll likely find regarding mods if you did have some on your 2x community you will need far less as later versions have a lot lot more functionality built in anyway.