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  1. Email change and renewal

    Hello, To add to the above: 1. You should be able to change the email on the account via the Client Area, specifically the 'Email/Password' link on the left hand side. 2. In 99.9% of cases if it was a standard (by this I mean not a perpetual type) then yes all you will need to do is renew to regain access. You are showing in the 'Visitor' group however and usually I would expect it to say 'Members' however if you are able to login to the Client Area using the email/password combination you purchased with and / or reset the email if needed you will then be able to view your licence status. If you are not able to do this please use the form here or email for assistance with this. Thank you.
  2. Hello, As mentioned payments are manually verified. This protects both IPS and the client too. Thank you for your continued patience.
  3. Keyword Tooltips

    Its listed as a 'previous version' aka the 3x series...
  4. Pay $200 and keep waiting !! Too much

    It looks like you're all set now as you're in the Client group.
  5. Pay $200 and keep waiting !! Too much

    Hello, I'm sorry to hear of the delay. New payments are usually manually approved, this is simply as it protects both the client and IPS.  It can take a little longer over a weekend however during the week and business hours it is usually very fast. Transactions can be approved over a weekend it can vary however. Thank you for your continued patience.
  6. Total Time Spent Online

    Would advise you simply post this in the provided, linked support topic: So the author will be able to assist you.
  7. Good gives me error to renew the license

    Hello, You would (as the error indicates) need to renew the package not a product of it. It is possible it (might) be something slightly specific to your account however. I would suggest that you just submit a ticket to Customer Service and they will be able to assist you directly with this.
  8. DayZ Forums Hacked (runs IPBoard)

    For passwords I'd suggest extremely difficult if at all. If the whole db was taken then (assuming no one used the same pass elsewhere) the passwords themselves are not really of any value imo as you've got the 'content' in the database...
  9. Help me..

    Hello, You'd need to have the site owner (license holder) post that question in an appropriate area of the forum, or file a ticket to support. They can also add you as an Alternate Contact so you would be able to do this too, if you are 'managing' the site for them.
  10. Member Map

  11. Hello, Are you able to login using the same details you did when you last renewed or purchased ? If you are unable to or are unsure please email for assistance with this.
  12. Minimum Password Length

    Great small addition to any community. Does exactly what it says on the tin.
  13. IntenT

    Hello, 'Visitors' do have some restrictions however in Pre-Sales it is just replies to topics simply so that only accurate information in provided to prospective clients. As you have purchased, please logout and log back in again using the same details you used in the IPS Client Area to perform the purchase, this should then upgrade your group appropriately to a 'Client' and then you'll be able to access the Support Forums, Bug Tracker, Marketplace and the support ticket system too as well as a host of other items. Thank you.
  14. "Flag as spammer" a dangerous tool!

    Perhaps there ought to be an additional safety net with this, for a 'fatal' action such as this (like forum pruning) the moderator should have to re-authenticate themselves. This would only prevent accidents if they agree to the modal popup though, it obviously won't stop them if they are not really aware of what they are about to do...
  15. Upgrade 4.1.x Advice

    Someone should get to your ticket as soon as they can. Thank you for your patience.