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  1. AndyF added a comment Class 'IPS\nexus\Purchase\LicenseKey\Mdfive' not found   

    There's no ETA on it >
    Suggest ticket to see if you can get a patch, it does seem unlikely but as I say its worth asking...
  2. AndyF added a comment Class 'IPS\nexus\Purchase\LicenseKey\Mdfive' not found   

    Would probably suggest you submit (or re-open if you can) a ticket you had about this issue. Do not forget to include a link to this bug report in it.
    IDK if they can assist you but there is absolutely no harm in asking in a ticket...
  3. AndyF added a post in a topic - Where list of members?   

    I think it could be even easier than writing an app for it. A simple hook to add the appropriate link (as posted above) into the bar so it sits alongside the others as it did previously.
    As said a good thing for an MP submission. I guess said link could also be 'fed' to search bots if required too.
  4. AndyF added a post in a topic Upgrate from 2.3.6   

    The upgrader in IPS4 will accept a 3.x database so as Charlie has said it needs to be staged, In effect you will simply upgrade from 2.3.x to 3.x (recommend 3.4.8 as that is the latest 3.x version) then simply upgrade again from 3.4.8 to IPS4.
  5. AndyF added a post in a topic Anyone using FileZilla?   

    Another FileZilla user here. Been my FTP util of choice for quite a while now, no real issues either apart from the odd (more lately) 'Init TLS...' holdup. Best 'fix' is to use SFTP instead.
  6. AndyF added a comment [] Suboptimal results returned when searching for display name in ACP/PM   

    If you can find any post they made then you can simply hover over their username to get their profile ID as its part of the URL...
  7. AndyF added a post in a topic Suggestion to improve rebuild process: go backwards   

    I did wonder about this too (and the same for the 2x to 3x rebuild) as it does make logical sense to do the newest first so that members see attractive and functional posts rather than posts that are awaiting their 'fix' so to speak, as it would be bad luck for a member to complain about say a post from two years ago that was broken (as the rebuild had not got to it yet) compared to say one a few hours before the upgrade.
    I've not looked into any specifics as to why its done from oldest to newest apart from its an incremental rather than decremental step.
  8. AndyF added a post in a topic Bought software refused!   

    I don't know the correct legal terminology for it but I am assuming that the licence / support contract gives you the right to download / use the latest version. When this expires you retain the right to run the last legally downloaded version but not anything newer.
    I guess what I'm trying to say is the 'fee' is for "usage" of the software not "ownership"
  9. AndyF added a post in a topic Bought software refused!   

    It has always been this way, once your support etc expires you lose download access. This is not a new policy.
    Bear in mind that if downloads did continue to be allowed they would then be locked at the last version available when your support expired, so for instance if say it expired before 3.4.8 was released you would only be able to download 3.4.7
    I always recommended (and still do) keeping a copy of the .zip somewhere safe if you are likely to not renew.
  10. AndyF added a post in a topic i buy "IP.Content" where i can download it?   

    ​Just uncheck all of them apart from Content then. Do not worry too much if it downloads them all as you can just upload it all anyway without issue, assuming you've not modified any core php files (unlikely)
  11. AndyF added a post in a topic i buy "IP.Content" where i can download it?   

    Go to the Client Area (login if needed) then click the Purchases link on the left.
    Next, click the package you purchased (depending on your licence(s) type and number) and finally click the big 'Download' button.
  12. AndyF added a post in a topic Anyone wants to share their forums?   

    Mine (newish) one is in my signature. It just covers two classic games and their variants.
  13. AndyF added a post in a topic Domain question   

    I would suggest it would probably be best to seek legal advice on this, it might even be possible (not sure) to obtain initial advice free then you would have to pay for more etc.
    If you wanted a random thought (just in my personal opinion and I do not know the ins and outs of the details of the law) if you for example saw a well known site that had a .com and then created a site using a .net or .org then the .com site with the same subject matter the original site may not be too happy about it, but if your site was a different subject then things *may* be different. As I say I cannot really give specifics as I'm no lawyer and I'd not want to lead you into a false sense of security.
    Seeking professional advice and thoughts on this kind of issue is the best course of action to be honest.
  14. AndyF added a post in a topic Removing Marketplace File   

    Would be best to submit a ticket (if possible) or email about that.
    Generally it is best if you are transferring to another person to remove such data before the transfer.