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  1. AndyF added a post in a topic help in installation an old version of IPS   

    Just as a sidenote it also depends on how far back you plan to go. Apart from any security issues or exploits (I can't help with that) I will try to offer answers to topics related to anything as far back as the 2x series (236 really no lower)
    You may wish to renew your licence however so you gain (apart from newer version access!) the ability to use the community forum here fully.
  2. AndyF added a post in a topic help in installation an old version of IPS   

    If its an unsupported version then you will not be able to get official support for it via the Client Area, however if you post in the appropriate support forum here others (including myself) may be able to assist you.
  3. AndyF added a post in a topic Setting Up   

    As an additional note, once you've purchased and it is installed you can turn it offline so you can work on it and get things set the way you want them "out of sight" as it were. There is no need to have it exposed to public web traffic while you are setting things up.
  4. AndyF added a post in a topic Suggestion: Can edit window time and lock status please lock attachment? Thanks   

    There is a per group setting for this. Go to ACP > Members > Groups > (edit a group) > 'Content' tab > 'Can delete attachments'
    See the note on it though, if they can remove the content (ie the post etc that contains the attachment) it will be removed with said post. You could stop that with editing time limitations though.
    Turning that off will prevent a deletion option on the 'My Attachments' link as well IIRC.
    I'd not try to remove it from the menu manually as a clever member can simply figure the URL and get at it that way.
    As a random sidenote: There was a hook to do this on the 3x series (prevent attach delete) as before that it was a case of manual file edits to sort it, so tis kind of built into IPS4 now.
  5. AndyF added a post in a topic I'm no longer a client?   

    I think (without re-doing the other topic) a sensible compromise for all would be to have it permanently on display in the ACP (the same as it was in 3x) but have either a 'dismiss' button on it on the front end or an admin setting to not show it (front end only, admin side should *always* show this)
    I can see the value in some way of having a front end message as not all admins will live in their ACP after all.
    Although a 'dismiss this message' link on it would be straightforward I do feel a setting (yes, sorry another setting) would be more ideal in the longer term. As long as it was on by default that is.
  6. AndyF added a post in a topic [Missing] Prune/Mass Move   

    I can see why it was removed though. I think it is safer in the ACP or at least (as I made the suggestion) a re-authentication option before pruning as its as you know quite destructive, and 'accidents' are known to happen.
  7. AndyF added a post in a topic Impressed with the gallery   

    Might not be a bad idea to remove it.
    Surprised your hosting does not have exif though.
  8. AndyF added a post in a topic Member Permissions - Secondary Groups   

    You may also want to try holding CTRL down so you can multi-select (or unselect) chosen groups too.
  9. AndyF added a post in a topic Windows 10   

    Just visit either "This PC" and right click for properties (or hold left ALT key and double click "This PC"
    Or you can visit the Notification Center (far right of taskbar) > All Settings > Update/Security > Activation
    Note: Do not change the key if you have upgraded, leave it until it auto activates itself, then you can do a fresh install any time after that (tried and tested a few times on different machines that were upgraded)
    Note2: On a fresh install do not enter a key, always choose to skip it. Never enter your Win7/8/8.1 key. Just ignore it and after a few hours it will activate as the way the key is stored is a bit different now.

    As a random note this originally came with XP64 on it hehe (It was a choice of that or Vista *hmm*)
  10. AndyF added a post in a topic Windows 10   

    Make sure 10 is activated before the 'reset' (even if keeping files) , I'm assuming you did an upgrade from 8 to 10.
    As it does not seem to want to activate from a reset. I know I had to do a temp install (of 7) , activate then upgrade and wait for 10 to be activated, then a fresh install was fine.
    Typically the other machines went fine, just the main one I wanted had issues.
  11. AndyF added a post in a topic Windows 10 Home disable automatic updates, enable updates on demand   

    Before I read your linked topic, I just thought "you can just use the group policy editor to do that" (as on previous versions I have mine set to download and install without asking) then I realised there probably was no gpedit in the 'Home' edition.
  12. AndyF added a post in a topic What's holding you back from upgrading to IPB 4.x?   

    The dates / info are here.

  13. AndyF added a post in a topic What's holding you back from upgrading to IPB 4.x?   

    There is quite a bit of time before the 38x series does go End Of Life, so its quite possible your concerns may of been addressed before then...
    1st January 2016 for 3.3.x
    1st April 2017 for 3.4.x
    So as long as you're on 34x its quite a way away, relatively speaking...
  14. AndyF added a post in a topic Migrating From V-Bulletn 5   

    1. Put IPB where you want it to be, ie where you would have it as its final location. This makes things a little easier. You can move it if needed however between directories without too much trouble anyway.
    I'd not attempt to put the IPB files into the VB dir as there will be some conflicts ie index.php etc. Bear in mind all you need from your VB install (the converter reads only it will not write anything to your VB data) is access to the database and the filesystem. The filesystem is normally only required to be read if you keep uploads and other items ie avatars in there instead of in the database in VB.
    2. With 3x you could not enter a key for the test migration I guess. With 4x you'll need to enter a key, you can append -TESTINSTALL onto the end of the key to indicate its a test installation however it may not let you have a 'test install' elsewhere if you do that.
    From a personal standpoint I'd do it on localhost (wamp or xampp) etc to see how it worked out initially then import it afterwards if needed. Although not ideal with a localhost install it will not count as a test installation until you move it to a web accessible location.
  15. AndyF added a post in a topic VB 3.8.3 to IPB Error   

    Its going to be difficult if mysql is not there, as you cannot (reliably) deal with the raw files in most cases. You'll need mysql present to be able to drop to the shell / command line to 'export' the database via mysqldump or suchlike.