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  1. IP.Subscriptions 1.0.0 Beta 3 Available

    This is definitely a must have. In addition I would like to see better management of the expired / paid subscriptions. in 2.x they all showed on a page with the oldest expired and then to additional pages to see the active. If a member's subscription expired it remains in the expired list and is not removed when the member renews. This needs to be fixed. I should be able to run a report that lists all members with active subscriptions and then they expire and those that have expired subscriptions. My board has free access and paid and therefore I can have several members without subscriptions or expired subs. and still be a part of the community and therefore is the reason for wanting to see both. A great full featured subscription manager is AMember.com would love to see the majority of it's functions ported over to ips's system. Keith [quote name='wamasor' date='05 August 2009 - 07:29 PM'] Does the subscription system notify users if they are near expiration? Can this duration be modified? Can multiple alerts go out at different timeframes - 30 days=send email saying they have 30 days, 7 days=send email saying only one week left, 1 day=final notice email. Maybe allow email and an announcement/pm.
  2. IPB3 Beta 4

    You are correct. Just one of the 1000 settings I have overlooked for a couple of years.
  3. IPB3 Beta 4

    Another item I would like to see implemented in ipb3 - When you receive an email about a reply being made to a subscribed topic you get the reply in your email not just a notification.
  4. IPB3 Beta 4

    When is the Subscription Manager going to be added to IPB 3? I can not convert over until this happens. Any updates being made to the subscription manager? I am one that feels a major overhaul is needed. Is there a better way to manage subscriptions for the IP Services Board, blog, gallery etc? Thank you, Keith www.whf-texas.org