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  1. Ryan H. added a post in a topic Proration of Addon Services if core is active   

    I think they all bill on the same period regardless, but they will not prorate you for the time left in the billing period. They do that to avoid people buying the whole suite, then canceling and only renewing addon products right at the end of the period for cheap updates.
    That's how it was, anyway. May have changed.
  2. Ryan H. added a post in a topic I'm no longer a client?   

    I don't think it works that way.
    There are perks to keeping your license current. The badge, updates, and no nag banner are among them.
  3. Ryan H. added a comment on a file Advanced Tags & Prefixes   

    It's been available for almost two months now.
    You can buy the IPS 4.x-compatible version here: https://community.invisionpower.com/files/file/7614-advanced-tags-prefixes/
  4. Ryan H. added a post in a topic Add voice commands search option like Cortana Windows 10   

    This is a must have on the modern web. My site is moving to VRBoard if this isn't in 4.1.
    For 4.2, I'm hoping people can use VR headsets like oculus to browse the forums and "wave" at other users.
  5. Ryan H. added a post in a topic Board Testing XAMPP VS WAMP   

    I like UniServer, personally. Portable, and easy interfaces.
  6. Ryan H. added a post in a topic Closed/open tagging system for different forums   

    As Kevin said, the app is out, for both 3.x and 4.x. It'll let you do what you want. Thanks guys.
  7. Ryan H. added a post in a topic Showcases IPB using prefixes   

    My site here is running IP.Board 3.x, plus my 'advanced tags' app for colored prefixes. Functionally, it should be pretty close to what you will get whether you're looking at IPS 4.0 or an older version. We don't use tags heavily, but some are there as well. http://forums.zybez.net/forum/202-questions-money-making/
  8. Ryan H. added a file in Staff Extensions   

    Advanced Tags & Prefixes v3.0.7
    Do you feel limited by the tag system or prefixes? This application enhances IPS Community Suite 4's built-in tag and prefix system. It gives you custom styling and fine-grained control over prefixes, plus new settings, enhancements, and helpful moderation tools. Prefixes are explicitly created through the Admin CP, and can be chosen from a separate prefix dropdown when creating a topic or other prefix-enabled content. But let's be realistic: You want to be sure before you commit to something, especially like this. You want a complete, tested, proven solution that does exactly what it says. This does.You can trust me. I'm a professional web developer, and I've been working with IP.Board for more than six years. I will always try to make sure you're taken care of. I follow all IPS coding standards and best practices, and I don't encode my resources in any way.You can trust this application. It's been around since July 2010, for IP.Board 3.1. It was the most-purchased resource for IP.Board 3, used on more than a thousand communities like yours, and among the best-rated plugins on the marketplace. You can read the reviews for yourself. This version for 4.0 builds on that experience, and it's better than ever.Buy with confidence. Full feature list:Define all prefixes manually through the Prefix Manager--even for open-tag systems.Add, fix, merge, and remove tags and prefixes in bulk through the Tag Manager.Choose a prefix when posting any prefix-enabled content, separate from the tag input.Control where and how tags and prefixes are displayed.Add custom HTML formatting to your prefixes, allowing colors, images, and much more.Limit prefixes by member group.Limit where prefixes can be used.Require a prefix in certain forums.Add tags and prefixes to topics in bulk with Saved Actions or the Mass-Add tool.Apply a prefix to topics imported from RSS.Set a default prefix and tags for all new topics in a forum.Override the global tag mode setting by forum. This lets you enter custom tags in some forums and not others, or to have only a prefix option without any tags at all.Display topic prefixes in the page title, last post info, and as filters under each forum's description, if you want.This application is regularly maintained and updated. If you have an idea, post it in the support topic for consideration. Also, if you haven't picked up on it, this version is for IPS 4.0. If you are running IP.Board 3.4 or earlier, check out the 3.x-compatible version. By purchasing, you agree to the software license terms, in addition to any terms imposed by IPS or the IPS Marketplace. Thanks!
    • 1 review   
  9. Ryan H. added a post in a topic Topic counter bug   

    The bug tracker is here: http://community.invisionpower.com/4bugtrack/
    You're welcome to report it there if it hasn't been already. And if you want help fixing it before then, open a support ticket.
  10. Ryan H. added a post in a topic Tagging settings per-forum instead of global   

    ​I finished it yesterday, it should be available within two weeks--just waiting on some testing. Feature set is exactly the same as it was for 3.x. You can override tag mode on a per-forum basis.
  11. Ryan H. added a post in a topic Prefixes - an add-on   

    ​For what it's worth, my app allows you to use prefixes with or without tags (on forums). If you want colored prefixes only, you can do that. A 4.0 version will be released soon.
    I can't speak for IPS's plans, of course.
  12. Ryan H. added a comment on a file Advanced Tags & Prefixes   

    ​As I said in the support topic back in August: "I do plan to update it for IPS 4, however it will most likely be for an additional fee." That plan has not changed. I've been working on it for the last two months, I have the application very close to complete, I'm just working on testing and the last couple features. Should be released by end of month.
  13. Ryan H. added a post in a topic This sait - Perfomance Paradox!   

    I think the actual description of the pagespeed insights results would tell you what they're not happy about, and I doubt it's cloudflare.
    Regardless, it's not worth getting overly concerned about. Either your site is fast or it isn't. That should be pretty obvious.
  14. Ryan H. added a post in a topic Bug Tracker with 20 pages and growing. What is the plan IPS guys?   

    ​It couldn't possibly be that your bug was probably addressed by other fixes during the upgrade and they wanted you to confirm.
  15. Ryan H. added a post in a topic Using already built custom PHP with IPB   

    It isn't possible out of box, but my understanding is IP.Content should make it relatively easy to build and display custom databases and collections of info. Maybe that helps you, maybe it doesn't.
    If you want to use raw PHP as you describe, I have a plugin to help do exactly that, Easy Pages. 4.0, 3.x