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  1. Marketplace theme category difficult to find

    Agree with Kevin. Pretty much everything in the marketplace is difficult to find. It's terrible from a discovery and marketing point of view, which means it's not very good for the sellers or for the people willing to buy stuff.
  2. Showcases IPB using prefixes

    Um, yes. There are both all over that forum. Anything next to the title is a prefix, anything next to the date is a tag.
  3. What The Hell Is going on?????

    I'm not IPS, so I can't comment on the charges. As for updates: They've moved to a more rapid release cycle in the interest of getting bug fixes and new features out quicker. When they do slow releases they get complaints about how long it takes. Can't really have it both ways. Unless you're experiencing problems the update addresses, you're under no obligation to update your site upon every single release. Although the automated upgrader should make it very easy to do so going forward.
  4. Accelerated Mobile Pages Project

    AMP is all or nothing. To my knowledge, you can't apply it to selective parts of a page, it doesn't work that way. It also wouldn't work to only have it for certain parts of the suite, and supporting it would be almost a complete 180 from the direction they took in 4.0, which was doing away with all mobile-specific stuff in favor of responsive design.
  5. Accelerated Mobile Pages Project

    There are a few different projects of this type out there. IMO they'll all flop, or else they're just not well suited toward rich content sites. News, blog, wiki? sure. Forum, ecommerce, not so much.
  6. What The Hell Is going on?????

    In all things business, time is money, and support of any kind takes time.
  7. Name of the zip file (IPS Community Suite.zip)

    They should do this, especially since the whole suite's version numbers are synced now. No good argument against a simple change to reduce friction for users.   Having a whole bunch of IPS Community Suite(20).zip files lying around has always bugged me.
  8. This site. Can’t use browser back button

    I've never had the problem.
  9. What a Horrible Company You Have Become

    I don't disagree with you on this part, but IPS's stated policy is that the forum is strictly for peer-to-peer support. They stick to that. If you didn't open a ticket, it wasn't on their radar. e: I may be mistaken, I see Charles was talking specifically about the pre-sales forum. But I'm pretty sure that's true of the tech support board as well. They don't advertise it very well. Or at all.   @Hitori Bocchi I do ticket support as part of my job duties in a similar context. For technical matters, a ticket system is the only way to go. Phones are far less efficient (I could often fix an urgent problem in less time than it takes to even figure out on the phone what's wrong), and they sap someone's attention for the entire duration of that call, which probably won't even result in immediate resolution. There's a place for a human voice to be sure, but it's a huge drain of resources, which means they'd have to raise their rates a lot if they were going to make a concerted effort toward it. I'm not defending the way they do things, but tickets allow them to cover the most ground with the fewest staff. As for forums, they work great right up until you're dealing with confidential info, at which point you're off to a ticket anyway. Outside of feature questions (how do I do this?), almost everything is going to involve credentials or site info of one kind or another.
  10. Discouraging

    When did that change? That really doesn't sound like a bright idea.
  11. Add tags to topics

    As @BomAle mentioned, you might consider my Advanced Tags app. It adds multimod (stored actions) support for tags and prefixes to 4.0. Nothing of the sort is built in. All the best.
  12. I think they all bill on the same period regardless, but they will not prorate you for the time left in the billing period. They do that to avoid people buying the whole suite, then canceling and only renewing addon products right at the end of the period for cheap updates.That's how it was, anyway. May have changed.
  13. I'm no longer a client?

    I don't think it works that way.There are perks to keeping your license current. The badge, updates, and no nag banner are among them.
  14. Advanced Tags & Prefixes

    It's been available for almost two months now.You can buy the IPS 4.x-compatible version here: https://community.invisionpower.com/files/file/7614-advanced-tags-prefixes/
  15. This is a must have on the modern web. My site is moving to VRBoard if this isn't in 4.1.For 4.2, I'm hoping people can use VR headsets like oculus to browse the forums and "wave" at other users.