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  1. maidos added a post in a topic First week with IPS4..   

    my.cnf settings? clustered database? httpd config? 
  2. maidos added a post in a topic Pls bring back custom RSS feeds   

    agreed i want this feature back
  3. maidos added a comment [] when posting, enter adds one extra line   

    anyway to reverse that option icedream?
  4. maidos added a comment Search using And/Or   

    i can reproduce it, i had to delete cache several times to get the search result give tthe relevent result based on the content search type u select
  5. maidos added a comment 3.x upgrade storage configuration not relative   

    same with ehren case but he upgraded from 4.0.2

  6. maidos added a bug in Bug Tracker top download widget still not working
    no matter week, month year it still display same files cleared cache but still same issue.
    example my top download file is 100k downloads but on top download widge it only list 1 file with 9000 downloads
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  7. maidos added a post in a topic Bug Tracker with 20 pages and growing. What is the plan IPS guys?   

    is it too much work for the support staff dealing with the bug via ticket to just create the bug ticket on public bug tracker to let everyone know that theres a bug rather than letting someone create one and get no response. this gives customers impression that they are being ignored. i know some staff actually create bug ticket and reference ticket id but not every staff does it.  maybe consider standardize the procedure since this also help the developers from going through less dublicates bug tickets.
    you are just creating more workload than it necessarily needs to
  8. maidos added a comment [4.0.6] all blocks are no updates..   

    is top download fixed too or do i have to create new bug ticket about it?
  9. maidos added a comment [4.0.6] all blocks are no updates..   

    i have the issue of top downloads widget and changing the code lines at 699 doesnt work. 
    all, year, month and week stil show same results
  10. maidos added a topic in Product Feedback   

    Allow customer to download 1 version older than newly released one
    let customers allow download just 1 version older  because in my situation i have upgrade bug on 4.0.5 and takes time for staff to review this issue so while waiting my site is almost nonfunctional.
    so in my situation i wished i could download 4.0.4  on customer area and minmize my sites downtime as much as possible.
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  11. maidos added a comment 4.0.3 Announcements   

    ive already created support ticket about this bug and confirmed by the staff
  12. maidos added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    4.0.3 listing search results gives wrong search category
    If you want to search for a file located on download section and you select "files" as content type on the search result page, it will give you results found on forum topics combined with download files.
    however if you select topic it will then only list search results only from download files
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  13. maidos added a topic in Product Feedback   

    4.0.3 is out, hows your experience with the upgrade?
    do you notice any performance improvement or not?
    for me personally its too early to tell since i fnished the upgrade and my server is still doing cronjob on forum maintainence but for now most of my sites js are not working properly but will wait out
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  14. maidos added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    [4.0.2]conversion scripts cannot convert download link on ipdownload
    using ipb 3.4.7
    when you have ip downloads and you submit file by adding url and then convert to 4.0.2 every single files that were submitted as url converted to attachment for some odd reason
    my forum has 4000 files that has url added and they are all dead because of this conversion bug
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  15. maidos added a topic in Product Feedback   

    add optional storage solutions
    talking about ip downloads. If u have 1 hdd full and have a 2nd hdd that is empty: having a second storage option would be a good idea. If you allow webmaster to add "default storage" then any files users who uploads after that will have the files uploaded there on 2nd hdd. 
    while you leave the old files on 1st hdd. so let users download from 1st and 2nd hdd depending on the file u download from
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