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  1. maidos added a post in a topic Pls bring back custom RSS feeds   

    thanks, while you at it you should create all plugins that ips removed from 3.4 aswell <3
  2. maidos added a topic in Product Feedback   

    ipdownload, merge file reviews and comments
    seems a bit redundant to have 2 seperate comments section under 2 different names. Both serve same purpose so merging would be better
    on my site i have several 100 people who copy paste their msg on file reviews and comment section and it just feel pointless to have both comment section up.
    i cant disable comments because of someones bright solution the conversion from 3.4 all file comments were moved to comment section and to vote for a file you need a file review so it forces me to have 2 comment section enabled because i want the old comments to be there while i want members to rate the files
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  3. maidos added a topic in Product Feedback   

    widget need usergroup permission!!
    i have no idea why there arent. having several widgets such as speciic announcements that are for members only and not for guests so it shows inappropriate information to guest. you give us less ability to control what guest can see which is important for first time visitors to give them a good impression and having too many widgets that are member oriented information isnt helping them to stay
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  4. maidos added a post in a topic ipdownload, no hdd space left. what to do?   

    ipdownload is only designed for small files yes but they could expand their feature to offer some option for ppl who does have hdd space issue.
    is it that difficult to instruct ipdownload to store on a new storage path  while leaving the old ones alone?
    and you are assuming i have lvm extension which i dont since i use ext4
  5. maidos added a topic in Product Feedback   

    ipdownload, no hdd space left. what to do?
    ive been asking many times over 3 years for ips to expand ipdownloads feature but all replies ends with "its not in our plan to develope such feature"
    the thing is that some ips customers utilize ipdownload with big files and in my case i have 2x2TB hdd but the issue here is that my 1st hdd runs out of hdd space while my second hdd got 1.8TB free space, practically unused. Is it it so difficult to allow customers to add a secondary storage path and let customers set a default storagepath this way old files can be stored in 1st hdd and still be able to download while the default storage path will be the path for users to upload new files on?
    its also bad that users can still upload directly when my server got no space left. Should allow admin to set usergroup to only submit url only
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  6. maidos added a review on a file Cookie Notice   

    thank you. This was much needed after being pressured by my host to get a cookie notice. Appears the host seems to have been getting warnings from the local authority 
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  7. maidos added a topic in Product Feedback   

    can you seperate forum posts and content count
    for easier moderation purpose when you want to restrict certain forum section where as x forum count is required only?
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  8. maidos added a post in a topic v4 downloads is useless for anything but basic use.   

    agree. i find it dissapointing that ips dont reintroduce the old feature back and introduce new ones. For administration its a lackluster.
  9. maidos added a post in a topic PageSpeed Insights -Going to Improve?   

    oh its gone now  thanks alot 
  10. maidos added a post in a topic PageSpeed Insights -Going to Improve?   

    sorry for bumping a dead thread but i would like to know few stuff. so it appears using googles insight on this site it dont have any render blocking javascript but when i did check on my own forum it got 6 blocking javascript and 1 css. 
    what prompt the difference? the theme?
  11. maidos added a post in a topic Locked Task for over a week!   

    shame that ips dont share how they solve it otherwise you could had potentially helped me
    its frustrating that i get a reply once every 24 hours only getting inaction... could you maybe provide a ticket id perhaps it could help ips staff to solve my issue faster?
  12. maidos added a topic in Product Feedback   

    Locked Task for over a week!
    running dedicated server with 32gb ram and have high server load
    When you see the high spikes its when i decidd to add into cronjob and on wednesday after the huge spike i removed the task fron cron and load was a bit lower. 
    The following tasks appear to be locking frequently: queue.
    Please run them manually. If you require assistance with any errors shown please contact technical support.  
    this has been plauging me for a week and i cant seem to solve this. Created support ticket already but it takes so long time for them to reply but of course im not a enterprise customer. So was wondering if we can get a command line to execute these background tasks as it might solve the issue?
    i did php backtrace and 100% hdd write it all led to my forum. I also suspended my forum for brief moment and saw server load returning to normal
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  13. maidos added a post in a topic Slow Load Speed   

    i have this issue  namecheap told me to change every link to https because insecure content. but i dont have any subdomains and have own dedicated ip yet ppl see this error and google font and images arent working displaying in https mode
  14. maidos added a post in a topic First week with IPS4..   

    my.cnf settings? clustered database? httpd config? 
  15. maidos added a post in a topic Pls bring back custom RSS feeds   

    agreed i want this feature back