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  1. PHP 7.0.0

    nope it crashed again, but this time on my wordpress blog. im gonna have opcache disabled
  2. PHP 7.0.0

    alright i will give that a try. and yes im using centos. but this is the right config to add in the bash script to compile with the opcache?   --enable-opcache \ --enable-opcache-file \
  3. PHP 7.0.0

    ye, i had it set on filesystem before and had memcached enabled by default... But im not sure if i installed opcache correctly, i built php and then configurate it  to upload opcache file afterwards. is located /usr/local/php70/lib/php/extensions/no-debug-non-zts-20151012   perhaps i should recompile php with opcache enabled already at the beginning
  4. PHP 7.0.0

    hasnt it always been like that? forum generate its own filecache to datastore and then let memcache cache it afterwards?   define( 'STORE_METHOD', 'Database' ); define( 'STORE_CONFIG', '[]' ); define( 'CACHE_METHOD', 'Memcache' );  
  5. PHP 7.0.0

    im using combination of memcached and opcache but ive always had opcaching crashing my entire site since i transition to php 7. anyway im having opcache turned off again with memcache active.
  6. PHP 7.0.0

    i dont use datastore, i use cache folder name
  7. PHP 7.0.0

  8. PHP 7.0.0

    still experiencing segfaults also they havent fixed the opcache issue where it disables my entire site   Parse error: syntax error, unexpected quoted-string (T_CONSTANT_ENCAPSED_STRING) in /home//public_html/forum/cache/cacheKeys.84a320249b.php on line 6Fatal error: Exception thrown without a stack frame in Unknown on line 0
  9. Quote removal still no good in 4.1

    ive mention this issue so many times to lindy with no response from him.  This is counter-intuitive.  how do u even remove quotation box when ur on touchpad like phone and tablet? when u need to right click and shift at same time? theres no instructions how to remove the quotation box and backspace used to be the obvious choice to delete everything but you made this into a illogical change
  10. File leftover from upgrade

    so only common folder name 3.4 and 4 share is /uploads and /admin so if u removed the rest of the 3.4 folder all u need to do is delete uploads and admin?
  11. File leftover from upgrade

    i asked this earlier when 4 was released.  they just simply told me to install a clean ips site and compare the tables with my existing forum and delete it from there
  12. PHP7 Compatibility

    honestly "stable" is subjective matter for each person, from owner of a dedicated server to sysadmins who manage shared hosting servers.  from my experience im not really experiening a stable php with opcache as i experience fatal errors too many times. to remove it i had to reset opcache cache.
  13. i got couple of members that are legally blind/visually imparied and im trying my best with no coding language to make every font as big as possible but theres just too much information all compact in one. I was wondering if we can have the mobile width stretch to regular monitors in an alternative skins.  are there any other suggestion that can improve with members who got disability? i was wondering creating couple of audiobook to navigate my site
  14. File leftover from upgrade

    could u possibly share your conf_global?
  15. PHP7 Compatibility

    but but my hosting company says its unstable since their software crash when they test it on php 7