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  1. Trader Feedback System

    Will this work or be upgraded to 4.x soon?  I want to upgrade my board, but not sure what will happen to the feedback.
  2. Auction mod

    Finally released, it's pending approval in the IPB Marketplace, but available here until then:
  3. making a system of auctions

  4. making a system of auctions

    Looks like tomorrow for release date.
  5. Auction mod

    Looks like tomorrow for release date.
  6. Auction mod

    Not sure if you ever found one, but we have one in the works now.
  7. Just received my paid mod from DawPi, everything was A+ service. I would recommend him for any project. Thanks!

  8. Couple Migration Quetions

    Well I wrote my own script to update the database for question #2, but sill wondering on questoin #1. Bump.
  9. Couple Migration Quetions

    1. Ok, and when I run the converter to move from SMF to IPB it will be part of the conversion or is this something separate I need to run? 2. Yes, but my current tags for embedding are [url][/url] IPB's Embedding codes are [media][/media] Is there a script for this?
  10. 1. My forum have been up for a little over a year now on SMF software. After I make the change will my site be blocked by search engines due to all the dead links? All the old links it has indexed will now be no good since IPB uses a different link structure. 2. Embeded Video. Is there a mod for IPB that is similar to Avea Media? It currently takes any video links and embeds them as video. After my move they will no longer be embeded using the [url][/url] codes. What would the best approach be?
  11. Media Plugins

    ok thanks for the help guys.
  12. Media Plugins

    Ok, thanks for the help, so if I paid to have it converted then they would make sure they are embedding correctly?
  13. Media Plugins

    Yes, I tried this on a fully licensed copy. I'm waiting until 3.1 to move anyways, so maybe that will fix my issue that I'm having. 3.1 will supports more than the what is currently?
  14. Media Plugins

    I would like to make the switch from SMF forums to IPBoard, but from what I have tested after I move none of my embeded video works. Is there a plugin like Aeva Media for IPBoard? If not then it would be hard to move.