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  1. Main menu link in sub menu too (mobile)

    Why click on browse  link when you can just click the x to close the menu or click forums to go back to the forums. This seems pointless. What is the purpose of this link? To take you back to the homepage? What if you are already on the homepage.   What if the homepage is not where you want to go? You have other links 
  2. I am working on my own Documentation for Pages but I have asked countless times to have it pinned  I will be adding more as I work on some new stuff for my community 
  3. OK I thought about this seeing as file submitters can  download there own files they get the ability to post a "review" on files they have uploaded. What if submitter could post a reply to reviews that are given to the files. This would allow the submitter to ether explain things to other members that might want to download the file 
  4. Looking through the admin CP I will have to say I am quite impressed with the IPS Staff and all their hard work that they have put into IPS 4.0! With that said I know you guys are still working on it and I would like to see something that you had in 3.4 put back in. When sending a bulk email we had the options to select less then or greater then posts so say I want to seen a post to my 0 Posters to inform them that if they do not make any posts there account will be removed. I can't do that in 4.0 and would love to see this feature put back in on alater release if at all possible. 
  5. Theme updates (code changes)

    I remember when IPS was free and no I have never gotten any of my custom work out on or before release. I don't think that is what we are talking about here if you spent hours of work on a theme just to have some small element changed that can throw development back a few hours if not days. Unlike some people I don't have a job. I goto school but do you think I have the time to go "Ooops! IPS changed the code again I guess I will have to spend hours looking for the change" Honesty I could if I didn't have reports and homework to do but I don't This isn't about getting skins out on time it's about the work we put in and we get an upgrade and something has changed and nothing is said. this doesn't only hurt Skinners but developers as well for any template related hook or plugin 
  6. I have noticed that this feature has been removed from 4.0 If you do not recall there is a feature in 3.4.7 that allows the admin to disable all hooks if there is a problem  I know that it can be done by support feature but I think this should be added back because your not going to go through and disable all the plugins and come to find out its the last one you disabled 
  7. Theme updates (code changes)

    ​I would have to agree I get a few PMs aday asking when I am going to release my themes and I tell them I am working on it I don't like telling people to wait ether but it has come to that with this. I was able to release my footer block before final which in all accounts was a good move but I am still workiong on things for that pulgin that have template elements that I want to bring in like background images and allowing them to change colors via the settings but can't do this without a full outline of how to write settings and CSS edits that work we can't complete our designs. 
  8. Theme updates (code changes)

    I think it was back on Beta 5 I was designing a theme that when I upgraded to beta 6 some IDs and Classes had changed. so I had to go find out what got changed I think this would be good to know. to keep us from having to take time from finding what has been changed a release note of what has been changed would help us in the long run. Even putting CSS in the custom area to keep our custom stuff from being overwritten dose not help when a class or ID is changed. 
  9. Hashtaging

    Yes just like the mentions how you can use the @Dorian Gray to mention someone and go to their profile the hashtag would create a search queire 
  10. Hashtaging

    I have been thinking about this for quite some time and I thought it would be a good improvment on the tagging system. When using a #hashtag it would link to other tags that have been posted through the community. so say I put #anime or #Anime it would link to all the topics, articles, gallery images, downloads, and blog entries that contain the tag Anime or anime. This would also be a way of tagging content as well. So say I do a post and I create a hashtag #tIPS4Forever and other people use this hashtag it would pull up all the topics articles etc. linked with that tag. 
  11. (Sin) Article Images

    Version 2.0.0


    This plugin will allow you to have a more nice looking article display and entry display (if enabled) This also works on custom database as well  DEMO! I have had a lot of complaints about this addon. If you are not using the "Record Images" field provided in the fields section of your database THIS WILL NOT WORK If you are then send me a PM and I will help you out!  


    1. Sinistra

      They removed the ability to have Gifs in the profile cover photo lol If I had my choice I would put my giv one back 

  12. Do you have a portfolio?

    1. Sinistra

      Nope sorry I am workiong on some new stuff for 4.0 though

  13. (Sin) Footer Block

    Version 1.0.0


    this Plugin Allows you to add a footer block to the bottom of your forums. 


  14. RC5?

    What can ya do lol I know people want a new rc