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  1. So looking through the all the fields you can create for your database is alot and I am not complaining about them one bit. but there are some missing. I would like to see  a say I can use the star rating system in the fields. Lets take my Anime Review of Sword Art Online. as you can see I have a rating system based on audio video and voice actor quality. but I am having to use 1/5 system. It would be nice to see the option to use the star raging system for new fields we create in our database.  As for a URL suggestion  I have not seen a way to add custom text. Lets take my site for example. I am going to reset my domain when I can but the URL doesn't match the name so say I put but want o use the site name as a source for an article I can use the site name to cloak the URL so the URL would look like Anime Online
  2. Thanks @Lindy I have been thinking more about this suggestion. and though up another idea. the URL reset should be apart of the renewal process. So when you go to renew your products you also get the option to reset license URL  I renewed my license back in November and still waiting for the reset to allow me to do something without a charge. and I know I changed it a month after I renewed the previous time lol 
  3. Merry Christmas メリークリスマス (/・ω・)/

    1. Sinistra


      late Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! been out of town lol 

  4. Now what I mean by this is  when you create a block say for me it would be Related Articles. you can have the option to filter by tags or even a field value. So lets say I want to add a "Related News" block at the bottom of my record page.  I can set it up to look for content that has the same tags. so say "Site News" it would look for  all the site news but seeing as you have it set for 5 records to be pulled it will only show the five you want via the latest updated or the newest ones.  Now say you have a review section and you want to find a review on related products games or anime you can filter by a custom field you have created. Lets take my anime reviews section. I have a Genre custom field and I want the block to pull all the anime that follow that strict filter so if I have  "action comedy and horror" picked in the record that the block is in. It will pull anime that follow that same genres   
  5. I know we had this for Twitter on 3.4 but what if we had it for all the social media services. I have an image that I want to use in my IPS profiel but it is way to big. but if its like the avatar it will be imporred in from Facebook 
  6. No response for 3 days

    I have had something up about my activity feed for 4 days I understand the backlog. but it seems like my site is degrading first activity feed then locked tasks and now profile pages aren't working I updated my ticket with theses but nothing yet. 
  7. OK I love the new menu manager. This is a great way to add stuff to your menu. but what if we had more options. Lets ay we have a "Pages" section where we can select a page to add to our menus and sub menus. What if we had this option for all apps. so say Gallery and Downloads we could add categories that we want mour members to have fast access to. or promote. 
  8. Renewal

    Yes once a license is renewed you will get the latest updates. 
  9. (Sin) Article Images has been updated to work with 4.1 you can find it here



  10. Haven't seen you online recently 

    1. Eudemon


      I visit IPB once a while, haven't had time to work on my own site, kinda looking for people to help me manage it

    2. Sinistra


      Yeah I am the only one working on my site as well lol 

  11. The WYSIWYG editor widget is a block you get with the pages app.  I think this should be a standard widget in the "System" dropdown for the front end widget editing. I am going ot upgrade my pages app but  I want to let people know via the WYSIWYG editor and not an annocment. 
  12. Those looking for upgrades of my addons for 4.1 I will be workiong on them this week I have been in the provess omoving so I am spending this weekend to get settled in. 

  13. Now what I mean by this is  I have had to reset my license to a directory in my own domain name so say I have IP.Board Installed in my "forums" directory. (Which I did at one point.( I had to contact support to have them change it which is understandable. But How are we supose to know the last time we reset it to another domain There is no way to know this information  the only way to find out is to try and reset and find out about the reset fee. I can understand the fact that people want to reset their IP.Board license every once in a while and I get the fee.  But I think having some idea of when we can reset our license would be vital to know.  For for example you would have the suite link with all the info  renewed date expire date and last reset. and a link to reset if they wish to. 
  14. IPS Community Suite 4.1 Update

    Darn it not being released later this week ruined my plans for world domination.... err Good job ^_^ 
  15. Main menu link in sub menu too (mobile)

    Why click on browse  link when you can just click the x to close the menu or click forums to go back to the forums. This seems pointless. What is the purpose of this link? To take you back to the homepage? What if you are already on the homepage.   What if the homepage is not where you want to go? You have other links