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  1. Facebook Page

  2. PM Notifications

    Have just come across this thread via one of AndyF's posts. So... are IPS looking into having the older, cleaner popup notification return?
  3. Facebook Page

  4. phpMyAdmin

    Is that the reason why the backup isn't working? How do I update the PHP version? Bear in mind... I don't normally get involved with this side of things. I just deal with front of house stuff :whistle:
  5. phpMyAdmin

    I'm running phpMyAdmin 2.11.0. When I log onto phpMyAdmin, at the bottom, I'm presented with the following warning... Firstly, how do I sort that... or does it not matter? Secondly, when I click on Export and then click on Go, the next page to display is "This page cannot be displayed" so for some reason, I'm unable to download a backup. Do you know why this may be? Is it because I'm running an old(er) version of phpMyAdmin?
  6. Pinned topics

    Correct. However, it's a little harder to differentiate between the Pinned and normal threads... even with the Pinned prefix.
  7. Pinned topics

    Agreed. Otherwise, why have the Pinned feature.
  8. Sign In

    I see. I have the login thing provided by Michael/InvisionModding/CodersRefuge, which I and members do like so "maybe" this will go once I upgrade.
  9. Sign In

    I know. That's what I said. Was it something that was knocked on the head when 3.0 was released, so that's a yes? When I mentioned previously, I was referring to 2.3.
  10. Pinned topics

    Which is fine until you upgrade and the edits are lost. It was there by default before so no reason why it can't remain... just how the Announcement topics are differentiated.
  11. Pinned topics

    Will IPB be looking at differentiating Pinned topics from the rest of the threads/topics in that forum? This is currently the default (3.0.3) and yes, I will be upgrading soon... This is the current Classic Pro skin on my 3.0.3 forum... It's SOOO much easier to tell which are announcements, pinned and normal topics.
  12. Sign In

    Was this something that was knocked on the head when 3.0.x was released then... as it was there previously?
  13. Sign In

    I'm currently running 3.0.3 and using one of the old Classic (Pro) skins. In the not so distant future, I will be upgrading, which will also result in me reverting back to the default skin so I don't have to wait for skins to be updated, etc... when new versions are released. One of the MAIN problems my members had with the default skin (apart from the fonts/icons being a lot bigger than previously) was signing in. They didn't like the idea of having to click on the Sign In button, which then took them to another screen and to sign in there. Is there any reason why there can't be a "quick log in" feature where members can click a drop down box to sign in from the board index, without being re-directed to another page after clicking the button? Similar to what the old 2.3.x forums used to be and what vB does... on their previous and current boards... and the majority of all other forums? Or, just have the two fields (Username, Password) on the board index? If members want to login using Facebook/Twitter, they would have to click the proper Log In button, which would take them to the secondary screen like there is now.
  14. Deleting members via the ACP

    But that would delete all members without being able to find their details (i.e. join date, number of posts, etc...) first, which I don't want!?!
  15. Deleting members via the ACP

    In 2.3.6, it was SOOO simple and easy to do this but in 3.0.x (I'm using 3.0.3), if I'm wanting to delete members (one by one) who were registered between two certain dates and have less than 1 post, it provides you with a list of those members but to delete each one, you have to click their username, which takes you into their profile settings and then click on Delete Member. After doing that, it takes you back to the search screen and not the screen that had summarised all those members. I'm finding I'm having to right click on a members' username to open their profile in a new tab/window and then delete them there before switching back to the previous tab with the list of names. I think it would be handy to have some kind of drop down menu next to each members' username with a kind of "quick tasks" menu (e.g. edit members, delete member, etc...) so you're able to delete the members from that advanced/filtered search screen without the filters being re-set after you have successfully deleted a member. But even then, it would help (a lot) if the advanced/filtered screen provided details of when that member registered, how many posts they have, etc... just like it did in 2.3.6. I hope that makes sense :)