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  1. VioAdmin added a topic in IP.Downloads   

    [REQUEST] Scan Remote Server Files
    I know a few years ago this had been suggested a few times...I love the new IPB 2.5 and it now has everything needed except I believe it is time to add the ability to scan a remote server(lets say the same one where you store your files) and then after it scans/browse it, you can then choose which files to add as downloads.

    This would save time for those that use remote servers to host their files. Instead of manually typing each link, this would obviously speed up that process and at the same time even eliminate things like misspelled url links.

    Hope this makes some sort of sense! If this is already a feature, my fault. :ninja:
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  2. VioAdmin added a comment on a blog entry IP.Nexus 1.3.0: Global Changes   

    OMG, PayPal Subscriptions to the rescue!!! It looks like I will be buying IPB Nexus. :)
  3. VioAdmin added a post in a topic [IP.SEO] Meta tags categorize   

    I agree.
  4. VioAdmin added a post in a topic payment gateways?   

    AlertPay, please.
  5. VioAdmin added a post in a topic Paypal Subscription only   

    This issue STILL hasn't been solved? I am in the same boat as you guys. I cannot upgrade to IP.Nexus until this very simple but obviously important issue has been fixed. I would rather let the DEV team officially put this in rather than 3rd Party who at any time can stop updating it.

    ...Sigh -_-'
  6. VioAdmin added a post in a topic Allow GIF(animated) images   

    I would be completely shocked if .GIF images were not working well in IPG4.0, I am sure this will be fixed.
  7. VioAdmin added a post in a topic Does IP.Nexus Support Alertpay?   

    This definitely needs to be added!
  8. VioAdmin added a comment on a blog entry Introducing IP.SEO   

    Excellent. I will be installing once it is released!!!
  9. VioAdmin added a post in a topic Stupid questions...   

    I'll let the gang answer the rest of the questions. I will tackle the hardest, #3.

    Q. Is Ip.Subscriptions still available?
    A. Yes, it is still available. You gain access to this with a valid license in the Clients Downloads Area.
  10. VioAdmin added a topic in IP.Downloads   

    Remote Server Bulk Import/Link
    Excuse me if this is already a feature or some setting that I completely missed.

    1.) I was hoping in the coming version of IP.Downloads we would have the ability to login to a remote server via FTP and be able to BROWSE the remote server FTP in the ACP.

    Then we would be able to bulk import all the files as a remote url link. Saving us a lot of time instead of linking each file 1 by 1.

    2.) If #1 won't work, any other suggestions are welcome so that we could be able to (remote)link a large number of files located on a remote server(where we want them to be) at once.

    Thanks in advance!
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  11. VioAdmin added a comment on a blog entry IP.Gallery 4.0: Interface Overview   

    This is great! I can't wait to get this.
  12. VioAdmin added a post in a topic Suggestion: Contacting Author   

    +1 Great ideas, hoping some of them get into the next version of IP.C
  13. VioAdmin added a post in a topic ip.content and phones   

    Excellent idea.
  14. VioAdmin added a comment on a blog entry First Look: IP.Content 1.1.0   

    This is a great feature but how does this fair when it comes to SEO and header tags etc?

    For example this page:

    The title of the page just remains articles, instead it would be better for the CSS to echo the title of the actual page. Is this an easy addition anyone can make? or would we have to wait for you guys to update it?

    If anyone has an idea of how things can work, please let me know. Thanks.
  15. VioAdmin added a post in a topic Vb copying IPB?   

    Well, VB probably will continue to 'copy' IPB if they see some feature that they are missing, and vise-versa, IPB will also 'copy' VB if VB comes up with something that the IPB community also wants.

    I don't know if 'copy' is the right word to use lol, but something like this is common in all businesses.