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  1. I'm confused lol

  2. grrr been up for over 24 hours now... Not really even tired :(

  3. August '09 Desktops

    Nothing special but I like it
  4. Favorite FTP app

    I started out using SmartFTP years ago but had nothing but problems with uploading sites to it. I always ended up missing files for some reason. I switched to CuteFTP Pro and have been nothing but happy with them. Happy enough to where I bought the software from them. I have never had a single issue with CuteFTP at all.
  5. I came to bring the stars for you...:)
    happy birthday.

  6. Alex's CSS guide now available

    Is this pdf file still available? I had the link bookmarked but it no longer goes to the same page as it once did. Now I can't find the css pdf file which I used a lot :(