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  1. A New IPS Guy!

    Well done guys!
  2. Redactor jQuery editor instead of CKEditor

    I use redactor daily in a piece of software. It's awful.I can't add a list to the input without it making the entire contents of the editor into a list item.Then after the list, typing becomes invisible, requiring a page-save and then re-edit.
  3. ​From what I've seen you post, it does appear that you need to use your eyes more. You can set notification defaults in 3.x and in 4.x. (It's even featured in the screenshot in the first post)
  4. IP.Tracker question

    ​So you're agreeing that it isn't out of date then, since IPS4 hasn't been released.Tracker will be updated, although it isn't high on my list of priorities. Hopefully a few other developers are going to help out with it too
  5. IP.Tracker question

    ​The latest tracker release supports IP.Board 3.4.7.The latest released version of IP.Board is 3.4.7.
  6. IP.Tracker question

    ​It isn't out of date at all.
  7. how can i install beta ?

    If you're having to ask about this, I would think twice about using the beta.
  8. Kinda questionable IPB

    Who is IPB?
  9. ​Everywhere I've seen you post, you are always hostile.
  10. Moving From VBulletin to InvisionPower

    Hi, Your conversion sounds quite unique due to the add-ons you are using. In my opinion, to keep all of your extras (including the same IDs for topics) you are going to need a customised conversion. A 3rd party developer could do this for you, or you could email to see if they can help out.
  11. What should I install on my server?

    The Web Platform installer is pretty useful for installing PHP/MySQL/WinCache etc.
  12. SSO

    IPS Also offer a service for SSO development:
  13. Mail Chimp Integration

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  14. Calendar Roadmap

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  15. IPS Bug Tracker as app

    Tracker (linked above) was originally an IPS project, a lot of the code in there originates from IPS.