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  1. After every update I REALLY hate IPS

    You may be pleased to see this:
  2. DayZ Forums Hacked (runs IPBoard)

    According to Bing cache ( ) they're using an outdated version that has since received security patches ( 3.4.8 & 3.4.9 )
  3. Plugins: Check For Updates Feature Missing

    It seems a bit pointless, they're already checked for updates every 24 hours. Do note: the update check will only work if the plugin author has enabled it.
  4. IPB3 users left to themselves before EOL

    I guess it's worth pointing out that the Converters are not a part of IP.Board 3, they're an "IPS Extra".
  5. Hi,

    jeff the balloon guy down here in Florida  I need your help when you have a second. I have member Map on two sites. My hab site is working wonderfully and I than you for that. I have another site ( where I have member map working mostly but the icons do not appear in the pin. 

    Send me an email at and I will give you credentials to get in and have a look. 


    Thank you. Jeff

  6. IP.Board 3.4 End of Support

    The EOL date announcement isn't a new thing, it was announced in May this year.  
  7. How to speed up the Background Processes?

    You may have thought that through (good job!). But others will read this topic and blindly follow what you're saying without thinking about this.
  8. How to speed up the Background Processes?

    Yeah, don't do this. What you're now doing is altering the offset of data to process each time a post is added, you're actually going to end up rebuilding posts multiple times over instead of 1 time per post. Also bear in mind that the parser is intended to be ran on legacy data (3.4) running it again on 4.x data may very well break it.
  9. HI Stuart,

    Jeff Thompson the Balloon Guy from Florida. 

    I have Member Map on another site if mine called  It shows the pins but does not show the Icons on the pins.  I hope that makes sense.  The Pin appears where you put it but the pin is just a blank pin.  No Icon on it.

    I know you are super busy but if you have the chance to look at it I would appreciate it.   Send me an email and I will get you the User name and Password.


    Thank you



  10. A New IPS Guy!

    Well done guys!
  11. Redactor jQuery editor instead of CKEditor

    I use redactor daily in a piece of software. It's awful.I can't add a list to the input without it making the entire contents of the editor into a list item.Then after the list, typing becomes invisible, requiring a page-save and then re-edit.
  12. ​From what I've seen you post, it does appear that you need to use your eyes more. You can set notification defaults in 3.x and in 4.x. (It's even featured in the screenshot in the first post)
  13. IP.Tracker question

    ​So you're agreeing that it isn't out of date then, since IPS4 hasn't been released.Tracker will be updated, although it isn't high on my list of priorities. Hopefully a few other developers are going to help out with it too
  14. IP.Tracker question

    ​The latest tracker release supports IP.Board 3.4.7.The latest released version of IP.Board is 3.4.7.
  15. IP.Tracker question

    ​It isn't out of date at all.