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  1. Power_VANO added a review on a file Go To Top - Posts Controls   

    Great mod. Works without problems on
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  2. Power_VANO added a post in a topic Support for Chrome Push Notifications   

    Very nice suggestion indeed!
  3. Power_VANO added a topic in Product Feedback   

    Suggestion: Staff page to show which moderator is in which forum
    Pre-IPS4 staff page showed the list of Moderators and forums in which they had moderation powers turned on.
    In IPS4 this feature has been taken away. Although there is a possibility to create categories, it means a lot of manual work, particularly for large communities with many forums. Also, this needs constant updating which in turn translates in a lot more time and effort. The old "automatic" staff page was far more comfortable. For me, as a community admin, it is very difficult now to see which forum has which moderators enabled in them.
    Please consider bringing this feature back in IPS4.
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  4. Power_VANO added a topic in Product Feedback   

    Suggestion: Moderators list per forum
    Pre-IPS4 at the end of each forum page there was a web part that showed the Moderator list in the current forum.
    In IPS4 this feature is taken away.
    Please consider bringing it back.
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  5. Power_VANO added a topic in Product Feedback   

    Suggestion: Own Topics Open/Close Permission
    Pre-IPS4 there was a possibility to give several user groups (e.g. "members" group) permission to Open/Close their own topics themselves.
    In IPS4 there are only options for Delete/Hide own content, but not Open/Close.
    It would be nice for this feature to be reintroduced in IPS4.
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  6. Power_VANO added a post in a topic Suggestion: Warning Actions   

    That would bring more "value" to the warns.
    The more % of warning user has, the more flood control would be upon them.
  7. Power_VANO added a post in a topic Suggestion: Warning Actions   

    Not considering improving the warning system somehow?
  8. Power_VANO added a post in a topic Upgrade from IP. 3.4.x to IPS4.0 (updated)   

    Yesterday I upgraded my board to latest 4.0.4 version but I am having some problems with post upgrade tasks.
    I clicked "manually run them now" and left it overnight. Today I have this situation:

    All the tasks are frozen, background tasks are not running by itself.

    If I press "manually run them now", I see in SSH access, in "top" that new process is created and it consumes CPU resourses but nothing changes in ACP, all the tasks are frozen.

    Is this normal? Or how to get around this problem?

    I am also having problem running the jobs as Crons - I have hosted my community at Hostgator's Shared Business account, which allows running Crons only as fast as once in 15 minutes.
    In ACP I see that I should run Crons once a minute. Is it ok to run Cron jobs once in 15 minutes or not?
  9. Power_VANO added a topic in Product Feedback   

    Suggestion: Warning Actions
    Dear IP.Board Staff,
    FIrst of all, I am pretty impressed with the new IP.Board 4 release but I have probably a nice suggestion for the warning system.
    Currently we can Moderate Content, Restrict from posting or Ban member based on warning points.
    It would be great if there was a possibility to add Flood Control to that suite. We would have been able to enforce different flood control settings at different warning levels. This feature will give warning system way more value I think.
    I also understand that we also have flood control settings in other places too, therefore I think Flood Control settings in warning system can be additions for already configured settings e.g. for "Members" group.
    E.g. if members have 30 sec posting flood control by default and in warning system we configure 20 second flood control at certain points, they should sum up, not override.
    I hope my suggestion will gain support from others too.
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